Why is it important you join Overpasses?

Why is it important you join Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment??

It’s important because they deserve a life BETTER than the one we have today..

It’s important because FREEDOM is the most fundamental human right, and it must be protected by those who enjoy such freedoms!

For too long, we Americans have lived in the lap of luxury and grown complacent.

For too long, we took our freedoms for granted, and expected they would always be there, no matter what..

Now this child, and every other child across this nation face the very real possibility of living their lives under a never relenting grip of tyranny..

Where being spied upon by the government is considered NORMAL.

Where any view outside that of the ruling regime is considered terrorism.
Where the Bill of Rights is considered a quaint notion from days gone by.
Where our inalienable rights are now dictated by corrupt government agents.

We’re standing on the brink of no return.

We the People have the power, we have the numbers, and we have the STRENGTH to stop this..

But we must stand together to reverse the direction this nation is headed.