Why does Overpasses focus on Obama?

Why does Overpasses focus on Obama?
Simple.. For one, he’s a lawless tyrant who has no respect for America, the rule of law, or the Constitution.

We understand he is only one evil man in a machine of tyranny.

We also understand that by removing Obama from office we will slow the machine of tyranny, like a wrench in the gears.

Slow the machine, throw a wrench in the gears, and we damage the machine that is chopping away at our rights slowly but surely.

Slow the machine, you can go after other parts of it, such as Congress.

Get rid of the Constitution hating members of Congress (Pelosi, Feinstein, McCain, Boehner, etc, etc, etc), and you put another dent in their goals of dominating the American people under the iron fist of tyranny.

One by one, we will remove those lovers of hate, the drivers of tyranny that “serve” in Congress.

But first, we’re going after the Poster Child of Tyranny, Barack Hussein Obama.



  • Rita Pumphrey

    Please include me!

  • James Neighbors

    If you’re on Facebook, click the Find Group tab at the top of the website. If not, just sign up for the forums and you can find events there!

  • billystein

    can’t he be impeached for not defending the constitution. that should be pretty to prove.

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  • Susan

    Gotta’ tell you this. Tried to join one of your Overpass groups today and offered them free advertising right from the start to get people to sign this Petition, stand on overpasses, organize or whatever and was met with “Don’t go to Washington”, “you’ll get killed” kinds of things.

    There was no discussion of the overpasses or organization as to who was going to do a list so that people could meet and attend the demonstrations. You need to get some help that isn’t just going to chant on the internet.

    At this point I’m a bit reluctant to try again because of all of the cross-propaganda going on in that site. It isn’t going to stop me from helping, but it will probably not be with the overpass organization.

    • carpathian

      Your whole article is purely BS. We have a 50 state forums with organized groups, as well as hundreds of groups on Facebook. As far as a petition and ads, blame that on Facebook, our main site has NO spam, ads or pop-ups. All the information is in the READ ME tab, we are extremely organized and have hundreds of groups on all 50 states easily reachable via our forums or Facebook.