Why does Overpasses focus on Obama?

Why does Overpasses focus on Obama?
Simple.. For one, he’s a lawless tyrant who has no respect for America, the rule of law, or the Constitution.

We understand he is only one evil man in a machine of tyranny.

We also understand that by removing Obama from office we will slow the machine of tyranny, like a wrench in the gears.

Slow the machine, throw a wrench in the gears, and we damage the machine that is chopping away at our rights slowly but surely.

Slow the machine, you can go after other parts of it, such as Congress.

Get rid of the Constitution hating members of Congress (Pelosi, Feinstein, McCain, Boehner, etc, etc, etc), and you put another dent in their goals of dominating the American people under the iron fist of tyranny.

One by one, we will remove those lovers of hate, the drivers of tyranny that “serve” in Congress.

But first, we’re going after the Poster Child of Tyranny, Barack Hussein Obama.