Best Air Purifier 2022: Vitesy’s Eteria Can Purify and Map Your Environment’s Air Quality With No Filters to Change

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In the present climate, getting a cleaner means getting the best air purifier you can find on the web. For some, it’s tricky because these products are flooding marketplaces, and they struggle to find which is best for them. In this air purifier review, we narrowed down our search into one, and Vitesy’s Eteria might be the one you’re looking for.

Does an Air Purifier Reduce AQI?

For those who don’t know, AQI refers to Air Quality Index. It measures air quality from 0 to 500, with the highest being the most polluted. But back to the question-does it reduce the air quality index? Yes, air purifiers reduce the air quality index by filtering pollutants in your homes.

Most people opt for the best air purifier with a solid filter system to guarantee cleaner air at home. However, all air purifiers already have this technology. If you want to see something new and more helpful, this air purifier review will give you a glimpse of the Eteria personal air purifier and its technology.

Can you use Air Purifier Without Filter?

Because they collect impurities in the air, air purifiers are often accompanied by changeable filters. The airflow produced by the air purifier can be used to determine if the filter is already too filthy to clean the air. If you notice something amiss, maybe it’s time to change the filter.

Now, that’d be a hassle, won’t it? Not with Eteria’s personal air purifier.


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For starters, HEPA filters aren’t sustainable. The production and disposal of filters create other sources of pollution. But Eteria ought to change that narrative. Through lab tests that proved the efficiency of their WO3 PCO technology, you no longer have filters to change.

Unlike HEPA filters, Eteria has two washable filters; the photocatalytic one made of ceramic and the pre-filter made with fabric. Since they can be washed under running water, you won’t have to constantly look for a replacement. Without changing filters, you can easily save money and keep waste at bay. This shows that Eteria is not like any air purifier because of its sustainability.

Additionally, Eteria boasts two major inclusions ever integrated into a lineup of best air purifiers. In this air purifier review, we’ll be seeing Eteria’s air quality module and air purification system. Learn more about its features here:

Key Features

  • Two-in-one system: Eteria comprises two different parts. You get an air purification system available in a portable air purifier and monitoring systems composed of as many air quality modules as you want.

  • Photocatalysis: One of the best things that separate Eteria from other air purifiers is its photocatalysis. It’s sustainable nanotechnology that eliminates air pollutants instead of collecting them in a filter. Unlike HEPA filters, it breaks apart chemical bonds present in pollutants. But instead of releasing them somewhere, Eteria turns them into harmless substances.

  • Monitoring system: Nothing beats an automated air purifier that works for you. With the Eteria air purifier and monitoring system, you can check the pollution level around each room and improve the air quality in just a few clicks. To do this, simply place the monitoring modules in any room of your choice. Check the air quality on ‘Vitesy Hub’ and purify it. Then, carry the air purifier wherever it’s needed.

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  • Real-time monitoring: Imagine you’re tired from work, and all you want is to take a rest. Standing up just to get the air purifier running is no longer in your mind. Fortunately, Eteria can help you check the air you breathe. That’s not all — it also sends customized notifications to warn you if the air quality is deteriorating.

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  • Charts analysis: Not sure if it’s working? Using the graphs of each sensor, you may track the improvement in air quality over a few weeks or months.

  • Airflow management: You can choose the purifying mode and intensity, depending on what you think is best. But if you don’t want to take this route, you can let the automated mode do it for you.

  • Cutting-edge sensors: Another set of qualities that make Eteria the best air purifier is its cutting-edge sensors. Besides reducing air quality by detecting volatile organic compounds, it can also help maintain the ideal temperature throughout day and night, check room humidity to avoid molds forming, and keep the amount of carbon dioxide at bay.

  • Integrations: Easily inquire about the air quality of your room using either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Eteria collects data about the air you breathe and allows you to regulate it using voice commands.

With hindsight, we can attest that Eteria’s air purifier and monitoring system features the most modern technologies in their systems. At a combined price of $369, you can instantly have this best air purifier at home.


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Still, want to see what else it can do? Here are some detailed advantages we listed in this air purifier review:


  • Has dual-stage purification and offers two filters for better performance
  • Run silently with low power consumption
  • Portable so you can easily take Eteria wherever you need
  • Provides high-quality temperature, humidity, VOCs, and CO2 sensors
  • Capable of eliminating smoke, bacteria, VOCs, odors, and viruses
  • Has a smart activation when it detects pollutants
  • Allows you to control your air quality and modify it by configuring air purification modes within the app
  • There are no filters to change, so you can save money and protect the environment at the same time


  • Eteria is a personal air purifier that is meant to be used near you to create a clean air bubble. If you have a large room, you can select another Vitesy option.

Best Air Purifier for Home

Keeping your air clean is quite expensive. Best air purifiers aren’t that advanced yet to eliminate pollutants in the environment. In the end, you and your loved ones’ health are still at risk. That’s why it’s a delight to share this air purifier review to help you protect not just your environment but also your family.

An uncontrolled space is undoubtedly the most harmful you can come across with. It’s your turn to fight back and get the best air purifier at home. And enjoy a 10% discount when you use the code TECHTIMES.

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