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Opinion | Colorado anesthesia group is serving patients

Opinion | Colorado anesthesia group is serving patients

The June 29 article “Financiers bought up anesthesia practices, then raised prices” offered a misleading description of our practice, U.S. Anesthesia Partners of Colorado.

Since the onset of the pandemic, our practice has faced the same challenges as all health-care providers, which have put massive pressure on our workforce. Yet our Denver-area physicians continue to put these challenges aside and care for some of the most critically ill patients 24/7, many of whom require the most advanced anesthesia care.

Unfortunately, the article ignored this reality and omitted vital facts, including data we provided that demonstrates the great work of our clinicians and the superior outcomes we have generated for patients, such as reduced opioid use, shorter length of stays and lower readmission rates. These outcomes don’t just benefit patients; they also save health systems and health insurers millions of dollars. The article instead presented cherry-picked pricing data and other mischaracterizations provided by a few disgruntled physicians who are no longer in our practice and who compete against us.

Readers deserved to know the dedication, expertise and patient focus of our physician colleagues and the positive difference we make in people’s lives. The physicians who constitute the U.S. Anesthesia Partners-Colorado Clinical Governance Board and make all decisions concerning our practice, are sorry that this storyline, and the truth behind it, was not delivered to Post readers.

The writer is a practicing anesthesiologist and chairman of the U.S. Anesthesia Partners-Colorado Clinical Governance Board.

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