The Best Electric Toothbrush of 2022: SOOCAS X3U Black Sonic Toothbrush Review

(Photo : SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush)

With new food products manufactured left and right, choosing superior dental care that can deliver efficient plaque removal is now a necessity to mitigate oral cavities. What better way to begin than by selecting an electric toothbrush?

The best electric toothbrushes are easier to use than ordinary manual toothbrushes since they make the brushing motion for you. Plus, electric toothbrushes have varieties and features to choose from, making it simple to select one that meets your oral health requirements. SOOCAS X3U Black Sonic Toothbrush will surely suit you.

Which Brand of Electric Toothbrush Is Best?

SOOCAS was established in 2015 to develop a wide range of personal care products for people. Since then, the company has produced various product lines, including the best electric toothbrushes, water flossers, shavers, and hairdryers. Following the idea of “simply one more step in personal care,”

SOOCAS has been driven by predicted market insights, technological innovation, and detail-oriented solutions to produce visually appealing and high-performing goods.

SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush

(Photo : SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush)

SOOCAS is committed to meeting your demands for a simpler and more fun personal care routine. With these objectives in mind, this top brand of the best electric toothbrush of 2022 will offer you not only comfort in your own body but also value to your health.

What Is the Most Effective Toothbrush?

SOOCAS X3U Black Sonic Toothbrush takes pride in its ability to clean effectively. It has been clinically proven to remove plaque up to 7x more thoroughly than a manual toothbrush.

It comes with three specialized electric toothbrush heads for Standard Cleaning, Whitening, and Sensitive Care. All these are anti-rust, completely rounded, and have a 40% increase in bristle count. You get four cleaning modes to choose from if you want to customize your toothbrush experience.

This best electric toothbrush is designed with the user in mind, featuring a 2-minute automated brushing cycle and a 30-second vibrating timer to alert you to brush a new region. It can be charged in 4 hours for a 30-day battery life. It also comes with a handy travel case. Then, for multi-functional usage, a face cleansing brush is included.

Key Features

  • 3 high-quality brush heads: 3 brush heads constructed of DuPont, non-metallic, and anti-rust materials to make brushing safer and healthier.
    SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush

    (Photo : SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush)

  • Effective sonic deep cleaning: The electric toothbrush boasts 39,600 vibrations per minute with the magnetic levitation sonic motor to reach those spaces for thorough cleaning.

  • Science-based brushing timer: The brushing duration is tracked by the 2-minute timer, and the 30-second reminder guarantees that you brush new regions of your teeth for additional coverage.

  • Longer battery life: Charging takes 4 hours and lasts up to 30 days. Charge anytime, anyplace with a USB-C universal electric toothbrush charger.

  • Additional multifunctional facial cleanser: The face washing brush comprises ultra-soft silicone bristles that are gentle on the skin while eliminating debris and oil and soothing facial muscle tensions.

    SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush

    (Photo : SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush)

  • Portable with case: It comes with a compact travel case that fits in your pouch while you travel. It provides handy storage for two brush heads, making it ideal for leisure or business trips.

Aside from that, the SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush is waterproof (IPX7), so you may use it while in the shower. It is recommended that the charging port be firmly sealed for a safer brushing session. While the electric toothbrush is waterproof, SOOCAS does not recommend brushing while it is charging since it may limit its lifespan and inflict electric shocks if splashed with water.

SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush

(Photo : SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush)


  • Best electric toothbrush for age 12 and above

  • Clinically shown to eliminate plaque better than most manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes in the market

  • 3 anti-rust brush heads that are 100% rounded and have a 40% boost in bristles

  • Has Cleaning, Sensitive, Gentle, and Whitening modes

  • A 2-minute automated brushing loop with a 30-second vibrating timer to let you know when it’s time to clean another area

  • Fast charging in just 4 hours that can last up to 30 days

  • IPX7 waterproof for use in the shower

  • Accompanied by a travel case for portability and a facial cleanser for additional purpose

SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush

(Photo : SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush)

Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth It?

The quality of your toothbrush is closely related to the health of your teeth, which influences your oral health. Electric toothbrushes grew increasingly popular as innovation and technology improved numerous ordinary home products like it. If you’ve never tried one and been wondering if it’s worth getting one, the answer is a loud yes.

SOOCAS X3U Black Sonic Toothbrush is a great choice, regardless of your preference. This product is a vibrating toothbrush that not only cleans your teeth gently and effectively. It can also replicate the bass brushing method, one of the most successful and commonly acknowledged brushing strategies for plaque elimination.

However, suppose you recently acquired an electric toothbrush but didn’t bother using another after that. You may have observed that the vibration frequency and cleaning power have decreased dramatically over time.

The issue is with the motor’s quality. Fortunately, the magnetic levitation motor in this best electric toothbrush allows it to achieve up to 39,000 frequencies of vibration per minute while keeping a steady angle of 18.5 degrees for optimal cleaning. Thanks to that feature, it can perform consistently even while under duress.

Furthermore, with three brush heads with a 40% increase in bristles and all copper-free with rounded bristles, you won’t have to worry about scraping your gums or teeth. SOOCAS X3U provides a solution for you whether you have sensitive teeth or you want to remove a lot of plaque. You may also attach the extra facial brush to the SOOCAS X3U to save time while doing your regular skincare routine.

Think you’re ready to have a confident smile from this day onwards? Get the SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush now to show off your pearly whites!

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