The Wildest Liberal Meltdowns Over Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Overturning Roe v. Wade

By Dr. Derek Ellerman

As news broke that someone leaked a draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court which overturns the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, the nation girded its loins for the inevitable nuclear meltdowns from the left. 

So far, they have not disappointed. Every possible freak-out has made an appearance already, and it’s sure to get more intense over the coming days. 

Here’s a list of the most unhinged responses so far. 

Leaked Draft Opinion Causes Hysterical Outrage

While we don’t yet know how a draft opinion was leaked to the media, many speculate that the motive is not such a mystery – try to scare at least one justice into changing their decision. 

Activists were at the ready, with hundreds showing up outside the Supreme Court, many with signs.

The professional bureaucrats who control the United States Government were none too happy with the news:

The rowdy crowd had already defined the alleged decision, and of course the Supreme Court Justices who allegedly made it, as “fascism” and “fascists.”

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Journalists, Politicians Far Worse

But the bureaucrats protesting on their own time couldn’t hold a candle to the deranged musings of celebrities, Democrat politicians, and their stenographers in the media class. 

Everyone’s favorite Kennedy, Maria Shriver, apparently believes she’s the vanguard of a coming revolution.

Far-left Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin appeared to admit she doesn’t know what “legislate from the bench” means.

Far-left Massachusetts Senator Liz Warren called the Supreme Court “extremist” and “far-right,” which would be news to actual extremists and people on the far-right.

Far-left Rep. Ritchie Torres, whose name has been whispered as the eventual replacement for Nancy Pelosi, believes he found secret passages in the Constitution.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, she’s ready to go with her legislation.

Singer Malynda Hale is convinced that interracial marriages are about to be outlawed.

And not just interracial marriages!

For some reason, politicians in Scotland don’t appear to have anything better to do.

MSNBC decided to feature men crying over the issue:

Screenshot: Mediaite

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow predicted a dire future where America looks like… gulp… South America!

“If this ruling for the court… is gonna look anything like this, and we are going into a midterm season where the Republicans are poised to take the House and the Senate, then President Biden is still President Biden, and he would presumably veto such a measure,” she said. “But, in the event that we had a Republican president in 2024, that’s where we’d be. We’d be a South America-style nationwide abortion ban in America.”

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Chattering Class

But powerful people weren’t the only ones losing their minds. Plenty of regular people shared insane views.

For example, overturning Roe is “sentencing an entire generation to death.” 

Some are intent on destroying democratic norms by pushing to pack the Court, again.

Perhaps the best schadenfreude for the right, a significant number of liberals are mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016.

The classic fallback made its appearance – the GOP merely hates women, you see. In other news, the left has finally discovered what a “woman” is.

Perhaps most alarming, many Americans don’t even realize that the Taliban is apparently the real governing body of America.

Cooler Heads

Rep. Thomas Massie was left to point out the obvious, that overturning Roe doesn’t “outlaw” abortion, but rather leaves the decision to individual states.

At least one person had some fun with the recent trend of pretending to not know what a “woman” is, and trendy terms like “birthing people.” Whoops:

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh turned the tables a bit.

No doubt, we will have to run Part II of this series before long.

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