Uber and Lyft Drop Face Mask Requirements on Ride Sharing, As Per CDC

Uber and Lyft are dropping their face mask requirements for all drivers and riders of the ride-sharing application, and it will give an option for some to be comfortable in the new normal. The move from both companies is based on the recent CDC guidelines that also dropped the face mask requirements on airplanes whenever traveling. 

Uber and Lyft Drop Face Mask Requirements for All 

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Uber and Lyft announced that it is dropping the face mask requirements for the drivers and riders who will use their application, previously having guidelines to have it on during the ride. Before, drivers could drop or cancel the booking when a passenger refuses to wear one, and the same goes for customers with drivers removing it, something that people may still observe now. 

According to Uber, the recent CDC guidelines made way for this new regulation from the company, and it aims to give people a chance to remove the coverings and get accustomed to the new normal. 

On the other hand, Lyft also announced via a blog post that it allows everyone in the car to remove their coverings. 

It is important to note that while it is not a requirement anymore, people can still choose to wear it for personal reasons. 

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CDC Guidelines: No Need for Masks Already

The move by Uber and Lyft got its green light from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which announced it is no longer a requirement for air travel. It is also the same in cars, especially in ride-hailing ones famous on the ground. 

However, there are still measures that these ride-hailing companies are observing for a safe experience, like disinfection and other processes. 

COVID-19 Pandemic and the Masks

Face masks were a massive requirement during the early days of COVID-19 until recent times, after the many cases that claimed the lives of people getting infected by its virus. The 2020 surgeon the virus sold out the supplies on most health stores and suppliers, making it a global issue with access to protective equipment. 

The pandemic that started two years ago put people in restricted states, asking them to stay indoors and in their respective houses, missing out on public social interactions. It also made them wear face masks and hold them out to protect themselves from the virus that spreads in the air and water, unseen by the naked eye. 

Many people with the vaccine went on to remove their face masks earlier than this, and it may be different in various states and regions globally; there are still observations to wear this in public. Now, the CDC is dropping restrictions in the transportation industry, and people that will travel are no longer required to use the protective face cover. 

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