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(BPRW) Dade Heritage Trust Launches Miami Preserves Podcast

Explores the Stories of Miami’s Black History

(Black PR Wire) Miami, Florida –Today, Dade Heritage Trust announced the launch of its new podcast, Miami Preserves. Produced in conjunction with Dade Heritage Trust’s Historic Places, Green Spaces education program, this podcast spotlights Black history in Miami through interviews and archival recordings.

“The podcast series is a great addition to our African American Education Program track that introduces participants to important civil-rights era venues and focuses on the Black experience in Miami through storytelling,” said Lucia Meneses, DHT’s School Programs Manager and host of the podcast.

The four-episode series will be available on leading streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Amazon, beginning June 26, 2024. Listen to the trailer and subscribe where you download your favorite podcasts:

Spotify:           https://bit.ly/3VKi9Vy

YouTube:        https://bit.ly/3VswQeJ

Apple:             https://apple.co/3xpQFLO

Amazon:         https://amzn.to/4b8lvGC

 Miami has had a diverse cultural tapestry throughout its history due to migration and immigration. Yet, in Miami, the rich history and civic contributions of African Americans remain overlooked in most mainstream narratives. Miami Preserves seeks to amplify the people, places, and stories as it explores Miami’s cultural and architectural heritage.

 In the first episode, “Miami’s Segregated Past,” Meneses delves into the history of segregation in Miami and highlights efforts to preserve African American heritage in the community. Guest speakers include Dr. Marvin Dunn, Megan McLaughlin, and Dr. Enid Curtis Pinkney.

 In the following episodes, podcast listeners can expect a blend of interviews from preservationists, Miami Dade County teachers, students, and community leaders. Each episode will offer a unique window into Miami’s Black community.

 “We are excited to launch Miami Preserves and are honored by our wonderful contributors to the podcast,” said DHT Executive Director Christine Rupp. “Our goal is to educate and inspire deeper thinking about our community’s past and the people and policies that gave us the Miami we have today.

“Dade Heritage Trust is working to ensure the preservation of the places that matter in this community. As new residents and businesses call Miami-Dade their home, the stories of these diverse neighborhoods, and the people who call them home, must not be lost. These stories must be uncovered, told, and examined, educating and opening minds while simultaneously creating a more equitable community,” Meneses explained.


Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) is Miami-Dade County’s largest preservation organization. Founded in 1972 as a grassroots organization to save and protect Miami-Dade County’s historic buildings, DHT’s mission is to preserve our community’s architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage. Through a variety of programs, advocacy projects, special events, exhibits and presentations, DHT furthers the mission by engaging Miami-Dade residents and visitors in preservation education.

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