Monday, June 17, 2024
Arthur Hayes, co-founder of crypto exchange BitMEX, has predicted that the blockchain Aptos (APT) is poised to surpass Solana (SOL) in prominence and utility in the race for...

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Jamaal Bowman’s big problem? It’s not AIPAC.

NEW ROCHELLE, New York — The New York Democrat running to unseat Rep. Jamaal Bowman has an unusual double advantage against the incumbent:...

‘One hand tied around the back’: Europe presses US to lift Ukraine weapons limits

President Joe Biden has given narrow permission to strike Russia using U.S. weapons. But Kyiv and European allies are looking for more. Source link...

House Republicans narrowly pass defense bill loaded with culture war issues

The tactic represented a gamble for Speaker Mike Johnson, who could have pushed to pass a more bipartisan version with the help of...

House votes to overturn Pentagon abortion policy, pushing defense bill hard-right

Democrats are likely to oppose the defense policy bill after Republicans approved several conservative amendments. Source link

US sub makes ‘routine’ visit to Gitmo amid Russian fleet worries

The port call, which the U.S. says was planned, coincides with the arrival of Russian warships in Havana this week. Source link



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The Best Scammy Self-Help Books of the Summer!

“Let’s Save Our Trees” (hardback edition!), the minimalist shopping guide, and other best-sellers by hypocrites. Source link

Middle-Age Fantasies

Which is hotter? Talking geopolitics with the sexy nurse, or finding that the alluring young babysitter likes your unpublished novel? Source link

When Dads Cry: A Memoir in Man Tears

My wife sees it as an expression of feelings-friendly masculinity to be modelled for our two still-impressionable boys. Source link

Dry Ice and Rose Petals: An Entrance Fit for the Father of the Bride

And did I mention the fireworks? Lighting your way down the aisle! Source link