Thursday, July 25, 2024
The federal judge overseeing Rudy Giuliani’s bankruptcy proceedings threatened to force the former New York mayor to testify under oath about the state of his finances after Giuliani...

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Hollywood Actor Matthew McConaughey Still Open To Running for Elected Office

Last week, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey attended the National Governors Association meeting in Salt Lake City, sparking curiosity about his potential political aspirations....

Anti-Israel Protesters Tear Down US Flags, Burn Them, Raise Palestinian Flags Blocks From Capitol

Anti-Israel protesters in Washington, D.C., removed and burned American flags at Union Station, replacing them with Palestinian flags during a protest against Israeli...

Highlights: Netanyahu addresses Congress

Highlights: Netanyahu addresses Congress lead image Source link

Republicans condemn Netanyahu protesters for burning US flags — and waving Hamas ones instead

Republicans seized immediately on images of burning U.S. flags and vandalism at Washington, D.C.'s Union Station following Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech as evidence of...

Nancy Pelosi endorses ultra-progressive San Francisco official, an Elon Musk foe

SAN FRANCISCO — Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston, a progressive lightning rod, as he faces a...



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My Strict Morning Routine

It’s important to have a solid morning routine. Without one, life can feel chaotic and meaningless, as opposed to structured and meaningless.I personally follow a strict routine every...

A Quick Refresher on the High-School Math You’ve Forgotten

It’s good to know pi to at least twenty decimal places, in case a math sergeant ever asks you to drop and give...

Mort Gerberg: The Person Who Pushes the Pen

Mort Gerberg and I met in 2017, in a stuffy conference room/holding pen in the offices of The New Yorker. We were among...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Starting a Garden

Passage 1Congratulations on your decision to become a person who has a garden! Everybody loves this sort of person. Unfortunately, now you have...