Friday, May 24, 2024
A landslide in a remote region of Papua New Guinea has reportedly killed more than 100 people. Source link

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Kenya to get major non-NATO ally status during president’s US state visit

The mostly symbolic move comes right before Kenya is expected to send 1,000 police officers to quell gang violence in Haiti. Source link

Aid starts to flow into Gaza through military pier after days of delays

Deliveries to the warehouses were temporarily halted after hungry Palestinians looted several of the initial U.N. trucks. Source link

Biden admin openly hammering Israel’s military strategy in Gaza

A parade of top officials has ratcheted up their criticism of Israel, signaling deep frustration with the country’s anti-Hamas campaign. Source link

Biden’s top military adviser chides Israel for losing ground to Hamas

Gen. C.Q. Brown has rarely spoken negatively about Israeli forces. Source link

Republican lawmakers blast ICC over Netanyahu warrant

Republicans are vowing retribution after the International Criminal Court said it would seek an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over...



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Things in the Nineties That Sparked My Love of Houseplants

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A Father-Daughter Swearing Lesson in “The F-Word”

In Alex Cannon’s comedic short, starring Chris Gethard, a dad struggles to give an age-appropriate explanation of the expletive. Source link

Interview with the Head of U.C.A.S. (Urban Cyclists Against Stopping)

Let’s begin with an explanation of who you are.Sure thing. I’m the head of an organization called Urban Cyclists Against Stopping, or U.C.A.S....


Non-U.F.O.s: Wizard in balloon. Confirmed origin: Oz. Prophet on flying horselike creature. Confirmed origin: Mecca. Undead in cape. Confirmed origin: Caucasus region. Source link...