Dave Ramsey sued for 0 million over endorsing timeshare-exit firm

After 40 years running their family-owned pharmacy in Washington, Douglas and Roseanne Morrill made plans to travel the world. They bought points from a timeshare company to do so, which they later realized was a mistake.

Roseanne Morrill, a frequent listener of Christian financial advisor Dave Ramsey’s radio show, later heard him talk about how timeshares were a rip-off. But Ramsey said there was a way out of their timeshare contracts, just one way out: the Timeshare Exit Team, which he said would give them a full refund if it couldn’t get them out of their financial obligations.

They contacted the Bellevue, Washington-based company off Ramsey’s endorsement and were told it’d cost them $40,000 for their services. They paid it.

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