Don’t try to ‘out-Trump’ Donald Trump

WASHINGTON − A Colorado Republican has some campaign advice for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: Don’t try to “out-Trump” former President Donald Trump. It can’t be done.

“There is nobody … really that operates in the same area as Donald Trump.” said U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Buck said he delivered that message in person to DeSantis, the Florida governor who formally announced his presidential candidacy late last month.

Since then, DeSantis has criticized Trump and argued he would do a better job than the former president in achieving goals from building a border wall to taming the federal bureaucracy.

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DeSantis has also knocked Trump for “petty” and “juvenile” insults and name calling. He told a New Hampshire radio show while campaigning last week that “his conduct” is “one of the reasons he’s not in the White House now, because I think he alienated too many voters for things that really don’t matter.”

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