Marjorie Taylor Greene flips position on releasing Jan. 6 tapes

Marjorie Taylor Greene, once an outcast in Congress, is doing something mainstream lawmakers are known for: flipping.

Greene was previously adamant about releasing footage from Jan. 6, 2021, saying earlier this month the tapes should be released “so that everyone knows what did and didn’t happen.” Now she’s saying their release would “put the security of the Capitol at risk” and “endanger many Americans,” according to her interview with Real America’s Voice.

The Georgia Republican is especially concerned about endangering the people who she says were standing on the Capitol grounds during the deadly attack, but didn’t breach the building or commit any crimes. Greene said groups like Sedition Hunters would use the footage to “hurt innocent people.”

That’s a shift from Wednesday when she said the tapes would be given to three outlets soon, citing Just the News and American Greatness but not naming a third media organization.

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