‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Rips Biden’s Border Policies After Son Dies Of Fentanyl Overdose


Source: Fox News YouTube

Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” fame spoke out this week to praise the “incredible” Donald Trump while blasting President Joe Biden’s border policies after his son died of a fentanyl overdose last month at the age of 39.

Harrison Praises Trump – Rips Biden Policies

Harrison, 58, praised Trump for meeting with him after his son’s death and slammed today’s politicians for being “complicit” in the fentanyl deaths that have tragically gripped our nation.

“He’s an incredible individual,” Harrison told Fox News of Trump. “He wants to do something about this. There’s so many different places you have to start at, all at once, but one of the major ones is get the damn stuff out of the country and stop making it so cheap to get high.”

“My understanding is it’s like $5 to buy a fentanyl pill,” he continued. “Anybody can afford it. I mean, make it difficult. Let’s start arresting the people selling it, arresting the people bringing it over the border, close down the border, make it really expensive. Let’s make a fentanyl death rare.”

“It’s insane because they’re letting it happen,” Harrison added of politicians. “They’re literally letting it happen. They’re not doing anything about it. So they’re complicit in all these deaths.”

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Harrison Calls Out Biden’s ‘Ridiculous’ Border Policies

Though Harrison never mentioned Biden by name, he was quick to blast the current president’s “absolutely ridiculous” border policies, calling out his administration’s inaction in stopping drugs from entering the U.S.

“Nothing is getting done about it,” Harrison lamented. “It’s the equivalent of a 737 [airplane] loaded with passengers crashing every single day. That’s how many people die from it. And, you know, the politicians don’t want to talk about it. The news doesn’t want to talk about it.”

“A big part of is politics,” he added. “I mean, we know where it’s all coming from. It’s all coming right across the border, and they won’t do anything about it. I mean, they’re doing nothing.”

Harrison concluded by bashing the Biden’s federal government, which is currently trying to go to war in court with Texas over the state’s border enforcement efforts.

“Literally, we have a government that’s suing the state saying, ‘No, you can’t block tons of people coming into this country,’” he said. “We don’t know what they’re carrying on them. And we don’t know what kind of people they are. It’s insanity. I mean, we just need common sense.”

“I think any drug dealer that sells fentanyl, I mean, they should get at least manslaughter charges,” he exclaimed. “Just selling the stuff should be attempted murder. I mean, it’s that bad and nothing’s being done about it.”

As for what action Harrison wants to be taken, he called on the government to “shut down the border” and put an end to the left’s “no bail” rules while also making stricter penalties for selling or possessing fentanyl.

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Harrison’s Son’s Death

Harrison’s son Adam, who was not involved in “Pawn Stars,” was found dead on January 19 in a guesthouse in the Las Vegas area. Police found Adam dead in bed with “two vials of a redacted substance next to the mattress,” in addition to “foil with an unknown pill, lighters and narcotic paraphernalia straws.”

Harrison said the investigation into his son’s death is ongoing, and that he had been struggling with drugs and alcohol for quite some time.

“Over the years, I put him in rehab multiple times,” he recalled. “Best way to put it with opioids and fentanyl — the devil invented a drug. That’s what would it be. I mean, it literally just changes them into a different person. You don’t even know.”

We applaud Harrison for courageously speaking out Biden and the president’s border policies that are putting millions of American lives in danger. Please join us in saying a prayer for Harrison and the rest of his family as they continue to mourn Adam’s loss.

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