The extreme death of George Floyd on the 25th of May by a white Minneapolis police officer who, for nine minutes, kneeled on his neck, has evoked deep-rooted discussions, analysis, protests, re-evaluation of America’s discriminatory policing against Black communities over the generations, across the country. Street protests, conflicts, slogans, marches, and lasting confrontations have erupted about America’s radical and systematic racism.

Multiple studies and surveys prove that black men and men of colour are targeted and killed 2.5 times more than white men – Source of data: data revealed by Washington University, Rutgers University, and the University of Michigan. It says that for every 1 lakh individual, hundreds of black people are killed, and police kill thirty-nine white people throughout their lifespan. It has evoked deep-rooted discussions, analysis, slogans, marches, protests against America’s systematic and radical racism, addressing discriminatory actions against people of colour, and how issues like poverty, drug abuse, and violence are dealt with in this situation.

Some of the largest cities have been flooded with violent crimes. On the Fourth of July weekend and the last weekend, Chicago suffered twenty-eight fatal shootings in total. Over fifty percent of Americans demand equal treatment of people of all colour. The streets are flooded with protesters demanding defunding of police and re-evaluating the laws of enforcement. The community criticisms are making it harder to hire qualified and capable officers. The more impoverished communities and the coloured people have been suffering the consequences for the same. However, the change in policing is being evaluated and disputed for a better tomorrow.