UK Femtech Daye Launches World’s First Virtual Period Pain Clinic

UK-based femtech company Daye has announced the launch of the world’s first virtual period pain clinic. 

This platform aims to change the way women manage their menstrual pain by providing personalized, accessible, and expert care from the comfort of their own homes. 

With an increasing focus on digital health solutions, Daye’s virtual clinic is set to transform the landscape of period pain management.

Daye’s Innovative Answer to Menstrual Pain

Period pain, or dysmenorrhea, affects 84% of women, often leading to discomfort, reduced productivity, and impaired quality of life. Traditional approaches to managing period pain typically involve over-the-counter painkillers or hormonal contraceptives. 

However, these options may not always provide sufficient relief or address the underlying causes of pain. Daye’s virtual period pain clinic aims to bridge this gap by offering a fast, comprehensive, and holistic approach to menstrual pain management.

The virtual clinic operates through an intuitive mobile application and web platform, providing users with a seamless experience. 

How Daye’s Virtual Period Pain Clinic Works

The clinic operates on a direct-to-consumer model, extending Daye’s existing business of selling female health products. 

TechCrunch reports that customers can choose from different pricing tiers based on their preferences and needs. The “standard” service, priced at £24.99, offers a personalized pain relief routine and primary insights into their health. 

For more in-depth support, the “advanced” service, priced at £54.99, provides a full report and a 30-minute consultation with a nurse. The “premium” service, priced at £199.99, includes a consultation with a pelvic pain specialist to diagnose any associated condition properly.

A Closer Look

Founder Valentina Milanova tells TechCrunch that Daye also employs a proprietary non-learning algorithm based on national guidelines and medical research for pelvic pain conditions to ensure accurate assessments. 

Users complete a comprehensive period pain questionnaire, and the algorithm generates a personalized pain management report. 

This report may recommend combining pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments to maximize pain relief and patient well-being. 

Importantly, Daye’s advice actively discourages excessive use of traditional painkillers, highlighting potential chronic consequences on gut, kidney, and liver health.

Mashable reports that Daye’s clinic incorporates a clinically-validated questionnaire and symptom matcher, adhering to guidelines from respected gynecological health regulators and organizations such as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. 

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More Services

Daye’s virtual period pain clinic does not stop at diagnosis and pain management. The company aims to provide holistic support for women’s health, addressing other unmanaged symptoms associated with periods, such as hair loss, obesity, and severe acne. 

By connecting users with vetted specialists like sexual health nurses, dermatologists, and chronic pelvic pain experts, Daye creates a platform for comprehensive consultations and ongoing support.

Data privacy is a significant concern in healthcare, and Daye takes it seriously. Mashable reports that user data provided during the questionnaire is de-identified and double-encrypted to protect personal information. 

Currently, the period pain clinic is exclusively available in the UK, but Daye has ambitious plans to expand globally. Telehealth services like Daye’s clinic offer faster, on-demand solutions for specific women’s health issues, alleviating the burden on public healthcare systems. 

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