Will Record Temperatures Finally Force Political Change?

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Tuesday, July 4th, was the hottest day ever recorded on earth. That is just one of many heat-related records that have been broken this summer. Historically high temperatures have been recorded around the planet, causing fires, floods, and other extreme weather events. In a recent article for The New Yorker, Bill McKibben explained that, even as we enter a terrifying new era for our planet, there is still a brief window in which it’s possible to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Major technological strides in recent years have made green energy the cheapest form of power available. The question is how quickly this new infrastructure can be implemented. McKibben joins Tyler Foggatt to discuss what’s required to make the necessary changes in time: an organized climate movement to break the fossil-fuel industry’s grip on political power. “There’s a very hopeful case for the world that we could be building,” McKibben says. “It’s just we have to build it fast.”

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