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Things To Know Before Hiring A Fireguard

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Fire watch guards are security experts who come to the rescue of offices, premises, or construction sites when alarms or sprinklers fail their purpose. If a fire breaks out when your fire protection system isn’t operating, hiring a professional security fire watch guard can help protect your property, before it turns into an unrecognizable and unrecoverable site. Fire watch security guards do much more than simply function as the first responder to a fire. Thus we’ve compiled a list of the responsibilities of fire watch guards.

Round The Clock Surveillance

A comprehensive evaluation of the structure is something the clients demand from a dependable fire watchman. This allows the fire watch guard to comprehend the layout of a structure, allowing for speedy, easy, and safe evacuating in the event of a fire. The services include 24/7 surveillance via cameras in addition to having a guard on the ground, as it is not possible for one man to patrol the entire site at once. A fire guard will inform the fire department quickly if a fire breaks out on your property, irrespective of the time of the day. They will take turns going around your entire area specified to look for any fire starters or inflammable substances that can start a fire. They are not trained to fight full-scale fires, and doing so would be dangerous. However, they are trained to stop small fires and prevent their spread.

Maintaining Logs Of Incidents

If a fire breaks out on your premises, a fire watch guard will keep track of the situation. By documenting the incident, the officials can deduce the recurring causes of fires. Future fires can be put out much more quickly by taking actions based on previously logged fires. If fires are a frequent occurrence at your workplace, logging them into a system allows you to have tighter surveillance in hotbed regions, averting future fires. Fire watch guards are skilled in keeping detailed records.

Conducting Safety Drills

Fire watch guards are qualified to give training to members of the offices on how to tackle fires and how to react in case a fire breaks out on the premises.

Safety And Security

A fire guard safety officer adds to the value of your site of concern as well.  Fire security guards not only keep fires away, but they also keep prospective burglars at bay, providing round-the-clock security. It has been found statistically that office buildings and construction sites which hire fire safety officials have seen a steep decline in crime rates. Offices in burglary-prone areas have seen nominal threats after appointing fire safety marshals.

To conclude, all of the above considerations demonstrate why a fire watch officer is critical for your business. A fire security team’s work is crucial in upholding the stress-free workflow of your institution. We suggest you try temporary service, and if you are satisfied, keep a full-time fire watch guard. Investing in a fire-watching facility is a wise decision. When we consider the millions in property damage they can save you from, their wages seem insignificant.

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