‘A close neighbour and friend’: $2.5 million Australian aid package after PNG landslide

Topline: Australia is providing a $2.5 million aid package as Papua New Guinea (PNG) faces the aftermath of a massive landslide that buried over 2,000 villagers in Enga Province.
The bigger picture: A catastrophic landslide in a remote region of PNG has resulted in and posed substantial challenges for rescue and recovery efforts. The international community, including Australia and the United Nations, is stepping in to offer assistance.

Key quote: “As a close neighbour and friend, we will be doing all we can to provide support,” said Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles.

What else to know: The treacherous terrain and ongoing geological instability, including falling rocks and cracking soil, are severely hampering rescue efforts.
Australia’s aid will include technical experts, incident management assistance, geo-hazard assessments, and early recovery support, with the Australian Defence Force involved.

What comes next: Australia may consider additional support beyond the initial aid package as the situation develops. Rescue operations will continue in the challenging conditions, with hopes of finding more survivors diminishing as time passes.

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