Apple Watch: OS 9 to Bring Blood Pressure Monitor, AFib Capabilities—Analyst Say Glucose Monitor is Far Off

Apple is planning something big for the Apple Watch this year, particularly with its new features and capabilities that will bring users a chance to have better integration with the device. The tech wearable is bringing significant elements that will help in the fitness aspect of the watch and its many health tech wonders.

Apple Watch: watchOS 9 Brings Blood Pressure Monitor, New Features

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Apple Watch is coming with a new Watch Series 8, alongside the latest watchOS 9 that will bring new health tech features, accessibility as a phone accessory, and better tracking with its features.

A report by Mark Gurman via Bloomberg talked about how the new Apple Watch and its upcoming watchOS 9 will bring many remarkable features to the device. Moreover, it will mostly border health technology and the other parts of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Gurman said that the most promising technology here is the Blood Pressure Monitor, the highest speculated feature that will come to the smartphone for better usage. An atrial fibrillation detector will also arrive here, and it is a method of looking into the heartbeat rhythm, aiming to detect early signs of stroke and its underlying effects from it. 

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Apple Watch Series 8: Significant Upgrades for Tech?

There are many speculations about the Blood Pressure monitor and what will happen in the future, but beliefs say that it is not yet available the present, and users may have to wait until 2024. Other technologies are coming to the platform as well, including body temperature detection, fitness features for better workout integration, and more. 

Digital Trends also expanded on the roadmap for the new Apple Watch, especially with its upcoming watchOS 9 that will bring more to its future releases. 

Apple Watch and the New Tech Wearable

Apple Watch brought its services more integrated than before, and it is with the connectivity of the iPhone and Apple Watch as an all-in-one tool for all needs. The new tech wearable aims to bring its technology available to the public and bring its services for better use of the device, primarily focusing on its accessory feature but also its health capabilities. 

There are many companies that are already looking into using the Apple Watch for their fitness needs and health monitoring. The company’s features are enjoyable for the public, giving them a chance to expand more on the requirements to access certain features and apps. Included are clearing out one’s task or storing their data for easier access and tracking. 

There is an annual update of the Apple Watch, and it is dropping at the same time as the iPhone, which Apple intended for the back-to-back release of the devices for all their needs. The new features for the Apple Watch aim to bring their features better for the smartphone, and it will not only be an accessory but a device capable of getting health updates for everyone. 

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