Beyoncé on Tour, and Russia’s No-Good, Very Failed Coup

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In his explanation of a failed coup or mutiny, Yevgeny Prigozhin “was strictly staying within this mythology that Putin makes all the decisions in Russia,” the staff writer Masha Gessen notes, “and, if he makes bad decisions, it’s because somebody has given him bad information.” David Remnick talks with Gessen and the contributor Joshua Yaffa, who has written on the Wagner Group, about what lies ahead in Russia. By revealing the reality of the war to his own following—a Putin-loyal, nationalist audience—Prigozhin has seriously damaged the credibility of the leader he claims to obey. Plus, the historian Jill Lepore on how the failure to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment sank our country into a political quagmire from which we have not emerged. And the music critic Carrie Battan talks about the highs of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour.

Russia’s Accidental No-Good, Very Failed Coup

The Russia experts Masha Gessen and Joshua Yaffa on the aftermath of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s armed mutiny.

Jill Lepore on Why It’s so Hard to Amend the Constitution—and Why That Matters

The historian and staff writer feels that, after the political battle that derailed the Equal Rights Amendment, the Constitution itself became unamendable.

Beyoncé Takes the Stage

The New Yorker music critic Carrie Battan talks with David Remnick about the highs of Beyoncé’s tour for “Renaissance,” her latest album, an homage to club music and queer culture.

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