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(BPRW) Black PR Wire Launches HERlarious MOMents Social Media Contest

(Black PR Wire) Mothers are the backbone of every family. Mothers are their child’s first teacher, therapist, cook, coach and so much more. Everything we know we owe to the matriarchs of our lives.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Black PR Wire is launching a special Mother’s Day Contest entitled “HERlarious MOMents.” Both clients and loyal Thrivin’ readers are eligible and invited to participate in our Mother’s Day contest and share their mom’s favorite HERlarious MOMents in this fun contest.

How do you enter? Simply write a 100 word or less pitch on #MyMOMisHERlarious by Monday, May 8th. You will also be required to follow BPRW on social media as a prerequisite to enter. The prize will be a VISA gift card that you can apply towards a nice gift for your mom.

For more information on Black PR Wire’s Mother’s Day Contest, please call us toll-free at 1-877-BLACKPR or visit www.blackprwire.com.

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