(BPRW) It’s a MVEMNT: $1,000,000 In Revenue Directed to Black Businesses In 2021

Black-Owned Lifestyle Brand Raises the bar in Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

(Black PR Wire) Washington, DC — Lifestyle brand MVEMNT announced today they directed $1,000,000 to Black-owned businesses in 2021. The brand itself is at the intersection of entertainment and information started by Anwaa Kong. Initially, the brand launched as an app in October 2018 with the goal of celebrating Black culture and closing the wealth gap. Now, it operates as a full lifestyle brand with a website that produces daily content, weekly newsletter and producing events. MVEMNT had rapid growth during the pandemic and with growth the company was able to direct $1,000,000 to Black businesses.

Amplifying Black-owned business on the MVEMNT website, app, and through social events businesses such as Creole on 14th, ESQuisite Events, Rock Creek Social Club, The Butterland, Cafe Saint Ex, Karma Soundstage, and many more have gained a great return for not only those businesses, but the Black community. 

Amplifying Black-owned businesses is at the core of the MVEMNT. We have a unique take on celebrating the culture while closing the wealth gap. So, how can we celebrate the culture while closing the wealth gap? This answer lies in Black Americans’ $1.6 trillion spending power. Circulating the dollar in the Black community means more jobs, more economic security, and more wealth.” states Anwaa Kong, Founder of MVEMNT.

Black-owned businesses will continue to be highlighted on the platform and in 2022, MVEMNT will double down on its core mission by highlighting Black entrepreneurs and creatives, by producing inspirational informative content, and producing intentional top-tier events such as their financial workshops. MVEMNT’s ability to influence Black spending habits makes those workshops that much more impactful.

At the core, MVEMNT believes the same consumers who attend a brunch on Sunday are the same ones who want to learn about stocks, cryptocurrencies, and homeownership on Monday.

In the coming years, MVEMNT will continue to be at the forefront of directing Black dollars to Black businesses in the Black community, solidifying that supporting Black businesses is not a trend. It’s a lifestyle.

To learn more about Washington D.C. Black owned businesses, MVEMNT and more visit https://www.mvemnt.com. In addition, stay connected with them on Instagram via @jointhemvemnt.



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