COVID Test Kits Now Available for Third Order, and it is Still Free Courtesy of the Government

The COVID-19 Test Kit from President Joe Biden’s initiative to have it accessible to U.S. citizens is still available, and users can order it for the third time, using the same address and name. It is still available for free and they can use it for whatever they want or need, with no questions asked by its website and the country’s health agency.

COVID-19 Test Kits Available to Order for the Third Time

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Return to offices is happening nationwide, and many companies are observing either a hybrid work setup or having their employees report on-site already in a full blast. Some that do not have vaccines have a requirement to fulfill, and it is to report on-site with a negative COVID-19 test kit to ensure the spread of the virus. 

Previously “,” now, the offers a place for users to order the free testing kits that will help them determine if they are safe from the virus or got infected by it. It is a rapid test that people have to insert up their nasal passage and up to the wall that separates it from the mouth and throat. 

The rapid test gives a result after 30 minutes, and it no longer needs to be taken to facilities. 

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COVID Test Kits are Still Available for FREE, Take Note

The government is offering up to eight testing kits per household and take note that it is available for free to those that want to order via its website. The Verge said that USPS will still take charge of its deliveries, and it will arrive within a week at the addresses they provided, with a need to present a valid US identification card to claim the package. 

COVID-19 Tests and Their Importance Now

The world may be healing and slowing down its cases and infections of COVID-19, it is better to be safe than sorry for everyone that still worries about the virus and its spread. COVID-19 came last 2020 and it will remain in public and the air, despite the many efforts to fight against it like vaccinations and using face masks to avoid transmission. 

COVID-19 virus will remain, and people will have to be vigilant regarding this by avoiding crowded areas, updating their vaccines and boosters, remaining healthy, and looking into regular tests. Early 2022 showed the response of the Biden administration and the country’s health organizations by providing free testing kits, previously with a maximum of four per household. 

Now, it allows up to a maximum of eight tests per home, as per its website. 

It is still important to know if one got infected by COVID-19 even during this time, as it is still a virus that compromises the immune system and may result in deaths. People should still be vigilant and watch their health for any indications that they may have contracted COVID from the public, as it also manifests without symptoms. 

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