Dead and displaced: The numbers behind Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s so-called military operation in Ukraine is entering its third year with no sign of resolution.
What happened: President Vladimir Putin sent thousands of soldiers into Ukraine in February 2022, starting a full-scale war after eight years of conflict in eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian Ukrainians and Russian proxies.
What does Russia want in Ukraine? Putin has continued to say the aim of the war is the “denazification, demilitarisation and a neutral status” of Ukraine, saying the choice was to agree or resolve the issue “by force”.

What does Ukraine say? Ukraine, on the other hand, is looking for victory and the restoration of Russian-occupied Ukrainian land — including Crimea, annexed in 2014 — to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said Russia’s justification for war is “similar to a joke”.

How much has the war cost?

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How many civilian deaths and casualties have there been in Ukraine?

More than 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have been reported killed and nearly 20,000 injured.

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What about the number of military casualties?

That depends on who you ask. The figures for deaths and injuries within the Ukrainian military differ significantly.

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On the Russian military side, the US has estimated that around 315,000 soldiers have been killed or wounded according to a declassified intelligence report. Russia has not commented on these figures.

How many people have been displaced from Ukraine?

Where have the more than 6 million refugees gone?

Russia has the majority of the refugees recorded from Ukraine, with more than 1.2 million recorded as of June last year. However, this figure also includes people recorded in Russia at the time under other forms of stay.

Figures from the UN refugee agency UNHCR show more than a million refugees are in Germany, while Poland has more than 950,000 and the Czech Republic 381,000.

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