How to Get the Forecast When Apple Weather Fails

iPhone users trying to plan what to wear around the weather on Tuesday morning might have had some difficulty if they were relying on Apple’s weather app.

Apple Weather temporarily went down that morning, displaying only a city’s name without any forecast — an apparent repeat of other outages over the past month. The glitch was especially frustrating to iPhone users who previously used Dark Sky, a once popular weather app that was shut down and folded into the weather app that comes with iPhones.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the outage on Tuesday, but the app appeared to have resumed functioning by midmorning.

Users were reporting sporadic outages of the widely relied-upon Apple weather app found in iPhones.Credit…Apple

Here are other ways to get the forecast when your phone’s weather app goes down.

Rather than relying on an app that provides forecasts for all over the world, find one that centers on where you live. Many local news stations, such as some Fox and NBC affiliates, have their own weather apps or news apps with weather functions. The local meteorologists behind those apps are likely to know your area well and can provide accurate forecasts.

If you’re looking for forecasts from all over the world, consider the Weather Channel or AccuWeather apps. Both go beyond detailed forecasts, providing a look at allergens in forecast areas.

If you live in a region that sees severe weather often, and you’re into tracking storms, RadarScope features detailed radars that reflect the intensity of an incoming storm as well as its path. Those detailed radars come with a one-time price of $9.99.

The National Weather Service offers forecasts of weather throughout the United States on its website.Credit…National Weather Service

Many TV stations meteorologists regularly consult with the National Weather Service, so you might as well go straight to the source. The service’s forecasts are usually accurate and reliable.

The Weather Service doesn’t have an app, but its website is available on mobile phones. For have quick access, search for your local Weather Service office, and add its webpage to your phone.

On an iPhone, you can do that by clicking the send button at the bottom of the screen, selecting “Add to Home Screen” and clicking “Add.” It will create what looks like an app on your phone’s screen, but it will direct you to the Weather Service’s forecast page for the region you selected. On an Android, add a webpage by tapping the menu button, and clicking “Add to Home screen.”

If you’re looking for a weather app with just the basics and no frills, consider the Real Weather App for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. The app features a minimalist design with font and images that look as if they were drawn by hand.

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