A shooting incident on Sunday by an unidentified gunman saw the demise of a federal judge, Esther Salas’ son with her husband being injured in the incident. According to the Associated Press’ report, the son died on the spot while the husband was injured.

As per the statement of a neighbour, the shooting took place around 5 pm in the evening. The judge, Esther Salas was also present at her residence in North Brunswick, NJ, during the incident but was not injured.

Chief District Judge Freda Wolfson gave a statement to The Associated Press, in which he said that Esther’s son, Daniel Anderl, who is a college student, died in the shooting while her husband Mark Anderl sustained gunshot injuries. The F.B.I. office in Newark is on the search for “one subject” in relation to the shooting incident.

New Jersey Democrat, Senator Robert Menendez expressed his grief in a statement. He said, “I know Judge Salas and her husband well, and was proud to recommend her to President Obama for nomination to New Jersey’s federal bench”. Mr. Menendez also prayed for Judge Salas’ family and affirmed justice to be served in the swiftest time possible. He said that, ““My prayers are with Judge Salas and her family, and that those responsible for this horrendous act are swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

Extensive investigations are being carried out by federal agents and police officers. On Sunday, the investigating teams conducted door to door interviews of the neighbors and recorded their statements.