Hydrow Gathers Funding Despite Gyms Reopening—Home Workout Machine for Exercise?

Hydrow gathers another round of funding from its investors and it is a surprising turn of events as gyms and fitness centers are already reopening in the country for people to use. The home workout machine focuses on bringing the experience of rowing machine equipment at home, giving users a chance to experience the full body routine even without water and the gym.

Hydrow: Home Workout Machines Gets Funding from Investors

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Hydrow is a company that focuses on home gym equipment that brings fitness right at one’s home, or for gym centers for their needs. The machine by the company highly focuses on a silent and comfortable rowing device that will replicate the feeling of being in the water and it gives a monitor that may help people track their progress, time, and watch rowing videos to get in the game.

The technology brings a different experience and with that, Tech Crunch reports a new round of funding for the company and its ventures. Its investors recognize the need for home gym equipment and the need for it in many public places that will offer the workout. 

Its funding signifies that home workout is still a massive thing for many, and its backers believe in the need for the machine. 

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Home Workout is still a Thing Despite Gyms Reopening

Home workout is still a thing and that statement is backed by Hydrow’s new round of funding that gives the company its needs to continue its development. The funding happens despite gyms reopening now, foregoing the need for purchasing equipment at home and experiencing their exercise with facilities and machines that help in fitness.


(Photo : Hydrow)

Go to the Gym or Exercise at Home?

If the pandemic taught us one thing, that is everything can be done at home and people can live their lives without needing to go out unless shop for necessities and other requirements. The likes of Amazon aim to help in bringing fitness equipment that people can use at home and monitor their progress, without the need for expensive ones or a home gym.

Many people that have an active lifestyle look at different alternatives to focus on their workout and continue what they need to do for their body, especially as they get stuck at home. People looked at apps and other features to help them in their journey, taking the extra time that they have at home to achieve their goals. 

The need for gyms drastically lowered during the pandemic, but not everyone is accustomed to working out at home, hence the gyms that received their regular customers again. Users should follow their needs and wants for their workout regimes, but several options available to many offer the chance to stay at home for the workout, with the likes of Hydrow expanding its business for more options. 

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