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Instances Where You Would Need Fire Watch Guards

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Fire watch is a frequently misunderstood and underestimated fire prevention method, including when and who should do fire watches. The possible scenario: a fire watch is required on your property as required by the fire marshal. When a fire alarm, fire sprinkler, or other fire prevention system is out of service due to damage or planned maintenance, the services of fire watch guards are necessary.  Many property owners find fire watches to be overwhelming and costly at the same time, due to the redirection of staff or the need to hire outside contractors to keep an eye on the structure. When properly planned, the process and the work required are usually simple.

When would you need fire watch guards?

Aside from the obvious reason that you should be following the order of the fire marshal, fire can happen anytime and anywhere. With this in mind, hiring the service of fire watch guards is highly recommended for businesses and property owners.

The fire protection or alarm systems are under construction, being repaired, or already damaged.

As stated earlier, a fire marshal will evaluate the need to change any existing fire equipment or supplies during their visit. Once they have been assessed for this issue, it is required to hire fire watch guards, which will serve like firefighters in your area that will try to prevent fires to start. The local authority having jurisdiction (which is usually a fire marshal) decides whether a fire watch is required for areas of a property that are left unprotected by impairment. It bases its judgment on a number of factors, including the level of damage, the length of time the system might be out of service, the type of danger that would be exposed without protection, the risk of an uncontrolled fire, and any community risk.

Hot works.

Don’t ever belittle the possibility of having a large fire whenever there is hot work in a construction site or workplace. Even if there is proper fire protection and systems in place, it can cause huge damage to property or to businesses. This is often related to welding and cutting, but in reality, it refers to any work that produces flames or sparks. Based on some statistics, during there are hot works, it may send sparks and molten material up to 35 feet. This distance is more than enough to ignite paper, wood, flammable liquids (and fumes), and any other combustibles.

In crowded or dense areas, especially during holidays or special events.

You might have already heard from the past years regarding fires that have affected nightclubs and event venues. Some may only distract the property or business, while some might have hundreds of attendees left dead. Hiring fire watch guards can ensure that the flow of the program could be safe from igniting a fire, or point out the risks related to the event.

There are many other reasons why you need to hire fire watch guards. It is essential for business owners and managers to know its importance. They don’t just avoid loss due to fires, but in the prevention of anyone’s death due to the same accident.

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