Israeli airstrike on Rafah kills at least 22 at displaced camp

Topline: An Israeli airstrike on Rafah in southern Gaza has killed at least 22 people in a camp for displaced individuals.
Bigger picture: The attack occurred shortly after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to cease its military operations in Rafah.
The airstrike follows a Hamas rocket attack on Tel Aviv, using long-range rockets, marking the first such incident since January.

Israel’s army said it had launched strikes on a Hamas compound in Rafah and it was aware of reports that civilians had been harmed in the incident.

Key quote: “A short while ago, an (Israeli army) aircraft struck a Hamas compound in Rafah in which significant Hamas terrorists were operating,” the Israel Defense Forces said.
It added that it was “aware of reports indicating that as a result of the strike and fire that was ignited, several civilians in the area were harmed”.
What else to know: The conflict has left Israel isolated internationally, with increasing pressure to make a deal to .
Aid delivery to Gaza , despite new agreements to facilitate it.
Last week, three European countries announced they , and the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court along with three Hamas leaders.

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