MATIC Price Rally Threatened As Whales Deposit Millions Of Tokens To Exchanges

Bitcoin has recovered over the last day after gaining momentum from the Valkyrie Ethereum ETF news and pulling up the likes of the MATIC price. This has led to a rare green day for the cryptocurrency market in as many months but MATIC may not be able to hold as well as other altcoins as whales make their move.

Whales Move Tens Of Millions To Exchanges

The first notable whale transaction involving MATIC was flagged by Lookonchain on Wednesday. The transaction was carrying 10.78 million tokens at the time worth around $5.5 million.

Mostly, it was the destination of these tokens that was important which turned out to be the Binance crypto exchange. The whale looked to have deposited the tokens to sell them as the MATIC price had taken a quick 3% dive following the deposit.

MATIC would later recover and move into the green, a price increase that seemed to have prompted more whales to take advantage of the situation. Over the course of the day, whale transaction tracker Whale Alert would report multiple whale transactions all carrying millions of dollars worth of the token toward exchanges.

The next large transaction was one carrying 11,000,888 tokens worth $5.7 million to the Binance exchange. Another transaction followed shortly carrying the exact number of MATIC tokens also headed for the Binance exchange.

Within the same hour, the whale tracker also reported 15,826,267 million MATIC being shifted once again to Binance. This transition was carrying approximately $8.2 million worth of tokens. This pointed toward whales looking to dump large portions of holdings.

MATIC price resting at $0.52 | Source: MATICUSD on

MATIC Price Could Suffer Drawdown

The massive amounts of tokens being shifted toward centralized exchanges could mean that the whales are beginning to offload some of their holdings to avoid further losses. In this case, it is not farfetched to say that the altcoin’s rally over the last day might be a brief one. Such a fall could easily see the MATIC price fall back to $0.51 as bears retest the support at $0.5.

However, all hope is not lost for the MATIC price as the coin still holds some bullishness. As one TradingView analyst points out, if the altcoin is able to break out from its current descending triangle, then the price could rally over 50%.

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MATIC could see an upside to $0.9 | Source:

The analyst puts the first target of this rally at the $0.9 level as well, which is an almost 100% price increase from here. But MATIC will continue to face opposition from bears, making it a tricky situation.

At the time of writing, the MATIC price is resting above $0.5232, enjoying 3.06% gains in the last day.

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