Meet 25 rising stars on Wall Street at firms like Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, and Citadel

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  • Each year, Insider highlights Wall Street’s rising stars. 

  • These are up-and-comers in investment banking, trading, and asset management. 

  • All are 35 or younger. Check out our full list. 

Here are the young professionals turning the uncertainty in today’s economy into an opportunity, the trailblazers developing trends into tomorrow’s hottest asset, and the influencers setting new playbooks for deals and trades.

Whether they’re building out burgeoning private markets businesses within the world’s largest bank, have a hand in financing some of the biggest deals of the past few years, or are providing an edge to top investors with complex and innovative products, these are 25 Wall Streeters to watch.

Insider tapped its contacts for ideas about individuals to include and received recommendations from bosses, colleagues, recruiters, and financial industry peers. We asked that nominees be based in the US, be 35 or under, and stand out among their peers to be eligible. The editors made final decisions.

Insider talked to these rising stars from leading firms like JPMorgan, Bridgewater, and Apollo, to reflect on their successes, challenges, and best career advice.

We also asked this year’s rising stars of Wall Street to open up about the biggest missteps of their careers so far and what they took away from them— as well as what they’re wearing to the office.

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