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Millions Ask Facebook to Ban Their Relatives

Millions Ask Facebook to Ban Their Relatives


MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA (The Borowitz Report)—In a petition signed by a staggering variety of the platform’s customers, hundreds of thousands are asking Facebook to ban their family.

The signatories to the petition praised Facebook for its determination to ban the net rants of Donald J. Trump, however argued that the transfer “does not go far enough.”

“A major source of conspiracy theories, misinformation, and hate-mongering still exists on Facebook—namely, our relatives,” the petition learn.

Although the signatories stated that that they had already taken steps to block their family, they declared that it was “Facebook’s responsibility to keep them from irritating other users.”

Responding to the petition, Facebook’s C.E.O., Mark Zuckerberg, stated that, reasonably than banning the objectionable family, he would refer the choice to the corporate’s Oversight Board.

The board, nevertheless, tossed the choice again into Zuckerberg’s court docket, because the members requested him to ban their very own horrible family.

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