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Mini Trucks: Why It Is The Best Choice for You

Mini Trucks: Why It Is The Best Choice for You

People have different preferences. This is the reason why some businesses have to create a different version of the product or service That depends on the market it would like to serve or sell. Just take a look at smartphones, where many manufacturers provided a minimum of 2 versions of their device. 

The same goes with vehicles, as there are many forms and models depending on the brand. Just like when talking about trucks, where one would easily imagine a huge vehicle that has more than 10 wheels. Though people might not be aware, there are also what are called the Japanese mini trucks. 

This kind of vehicle is also called Kei Trucks from Japan. Originating from the land of the rising sun, this type of truck is significantly smaller compared to the kind of trucks that we all know. If you are torn between the two models, here are some of the few reasons why you should get the mini version than the standard one.

Easy-to-find parking spaces

Unless you have a vast land of parking space, consider where you would be placing the truck when it is not in use. As stated, these mini trucks are much smaller and can be compared with the size of a luxury SUV. It can be parked in almost all kinds of public parking spaces as it does not consume much space. To make it short, mini trucks are just like the standard vehicles on the road. 


Not just because they are small, it would automatically mean that it is not reliable. We all know that standard trucks are meant to deliver a great performance, but these kinds of mini trucks are built to last as well. Some companies even use it to deliver some construction materials or used in their courier service company. Don’t be fooled by its small size – trust it whenever you need to use the truck.

Easy to find

Since the standard ones are the most common in the market, some people have the perception that these cars are hard to find. There are plenty of websites where you may find the Japanese mini cars on sale, just like Substar Inc. This company is one of the top options when you find these trucks online, which will direct users to substarinc.com. Freely browse the available Kei trucks or you may even find a nice second-hand car for personal use!


Japanese mini trucks are not just for delivering goods. With careful planning, you may venture out into a different business using the same truck. You may create a container van-like metal works on top of it and it can be converted into a mobile cafeteria or retail store on wheels. Some even go beyond and put a small tank on the back, converting it into a small tank truck.

These are just four of the best reasons why the mini truck is for you. As to the popular saying “anything goes”, owning this kind of vehicle can be converted for use for other purposes. It can be concluded that buying one, can do more than just move goods from one point to the other.