Opinion | For some in Maryland, covid is still real

The June 28 front-page article “Covid isn’t over, but Americans are over it,” about some tourists’ and travelers’ lack of coronavirus precautions, left out a critical part of the story: the voices of those who can’t move on and aren’t moving on.

I’d like to tell you what life looks like for the high-risk people organizing with COVID Safe Maryland, an all-volunteer group that has come together to advocate for covid safety in our area, especially in health care. We’re telling our elected representatives that it’s a crisis that high-risk people are being denied access to safe health-care and so many other spaces. We’re compiling information about where to find free tests, masks and other resources. We’re sharing information with each other about which health-care offices are less likely to expose us to the coronavirus during essential care. We’re connecting people experiencing long covid with support groups.

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