Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Opinion | Joe Biden should bow out

Opinion | Joe Biden should bow out

I’m a Democrat who believes President Biden should step down and not seek a second term. E.J. Dionne’s Sept. 25 op-ed, “It’s not that Trump is strong. His rivals are letting him win.,” served as warning to Republican presidential wannabes that “they’re on the verge of allowing the most dangerous man in American politics one more shot at power.”

It’s not Mr. Biden’s age, his son’s legal problems or the GOP’s misguided impeachment inquiry. What’s most essential in next year’s election, underscored by Mr. Dionne, is that former president Donald Trump and his die-hard MAGA followers must be decisively defeated. The last thing we need is another nail-biting election with the possibility that Mr. Trump could eke out another electoral college victory while losing the popular vote. That would only lead to four more years of Trumpian turmoil, further eroding what’s left of our weakened democracy.

For all his accomplishments, Mr. Biden cannot deliver the decisive victory we need. His poll numbers remain distressingly low (he’s running neck-and-neck with Mr. Trump), and Democrats have a number of qualified candidates who could energize a substantial majority of voters to deliver the knockout punch that would finally make Mr. Trump irrelevant.

Mr. Biden deserves our thanks for all he’s done, but, given what’s at stake, defeating Mr. Trump is far more important than an iffy Biden reelection bid.

Howard Bluth, Gaithersburg

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