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Opinion | Labor is key to equitable school construction in Prince George’s

Opinion | Labor is key to equitable school construction in Prince George’s

As Prince George’s County moves forward with its ambitious school construction plan, it is crucial to ensure that the benefits of these projects are extended to all members of the community, including Black workers, women, veterans and minority groups. One way is by incorporating project labor agreements into the construction plan.

Project labor agreements are pre-hire agreements that outline the terms and conditions of employment for workers on a construction project. They are negotiated among project owners, contractors and labor unions. They help create a level playing field for all workers, regardless of their background or affiliation. Project labor agreements can increase workforce diversity, promote fair wages and provide essential protections for workers, making them a powerful tool for fostering inclusivity in construction projects.

Incorporating Project labor agreements in the school construction plan can have a positive impact on the community. The agreements can create opportunities for historically marginalized individuals to gain access to well-paying construction jobs. This can help address long-standing disparities in employment and wealth and promote economic empowerment and social mobility for underrepresented groups

Project labor agreements can help ensure that workers on these construction projects have access to safe working conditions, fair wages and benefits. This is especially important for historically marginalized groups, who might face additional challenges in the construction industry because of discrimination, bias or lack of access to resources. Project labor agreements can provide important protections against exploitation, discrimination and wage theft, and they can help create a more equitable and inclusive work environment for all workers.

Prince George’s school construction plan presents a unique opportunity not only to create jobs but also to promote apprenticeship programs and support Black-owned businesses through Project labor agreements. By tying apprenticeship programs to the jobs created by the school construction, the county can invest in the development of a skilled and diverse workforce while also addressing historical disparities in employment. The agreements can include provisions that promote Black-owned businesses as subcontractors or suppliers, providing opportunities for these businesses to participate in the economic benefits of the construction projects. This approach can foster economic growth, create a more inclusive business environment and promote social equity in the county.

As Prince George’s County moves forward with its school construction plan, it is imperative to prioritize the inclusion of Project labor agreements to ensure that all members of the community share the benefits of these projects. The agreements help promote workforce diversity, fair wages and safe working conditions for Black workers, women, veterans and minority groups while contributing to the overall success of the construction projects. This is an opportunity for Prince George’s County to demonstrate its commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable community for all.

The writer is the business manager of the Plumbers Union Local 5.

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