Sunday, June 16, 2024

Opinion | The region must demand accountability from Metro

Opinion | The region must demand accountability from Metro

Metro says it cannot narrow its $750 million budget shortfall except with additional fare increases and massive service cuts or massive subsidies [“Metro funding coming up short,” Metro, June 23]. The local governments Metro has asked to fund this deficit should demand accountability for the many Metro management shortcomings that have added to this financial shortfall.

Two issues stand out. First, rampant fare jumping is costing Metro revenue and causing an atmosphere of chaos inside many stations, which has scared (paying) riders away from the transit system. Second, after a long and painful set of closings in 2016 for a “surge” that was supposed to be a one-time event, the closing of Metrorail segments for “summer maintenance” now appears to be a regular event; this cuts revenue in the short run but also interrupts a commuting routine to which many will never return.

Holding Metro management accountable and, crucially, allowing it to hold its employees accountable would be an important first step.

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