Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Opinion | Vouchers hurt public schools

Opinion | Vouchers hurt public schools

Regarding Lizette Alvarez’s June 6 op-ed, “With DeSantis’s school vouchers, the rich get richer in Florida”:

School vouchers are not a matter of fairness or cost but of whether we have public schools. A “voucher” program will invariably take pupils out of public schools and will mean schools’ continued decline toward the end objective of privatizing public education. This would result in religious favoritism or elitism by good colleges favoring private-school applicants.

The reverse of antidemocratic principles is what is needed: State dollars spent on private education should be returned to public schools for better teacher pay and programs. On a national basis, the concept of public schools was based on democracy alone, so that all children would get an education. “Private” or religious schools were and are to be supported by private or religious means. That means no government money to them, combined with better public school choices for all. Take it or leave it.

Peter Hutchinson, Gaithersburg

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