PEPE Price Prediction: Can Pepe Coin Flip Dogecoin?

Pepe is the hottest new meme coin in crypto, based on one of the most popular memes in history and one that has an enormous presence in the cryptocurrency community. 

Pepe coin has already minted millionaires out of those who only rolled the dice with a few hundred dollars. In recent days, it has done over a 20x return. But that’s now in the past, and what we are focused on is the future. How much will Pepe coin be worth? Read our Pepe price prediction to find out.

What Is Pepe Crypto?

Pepe, the freshest meme coin in the game, features crypto’s beloved and melancholy frog, Pepe. Leveraging the unstoppable momentum of meme culture, Pepe crypto fuses the secure and transparent features of blockchain technology with the explosive virality of the Pepe the Frog meme, resulting in a truly exceptional experience for its holders.

The inception of Pepe coin was born from the viral success of the iconic Pepe the Frog meme. Created by the talented artist, Matt Furie, this image became an instant sensation across numerous online platforms, eventually becoming a prominent symbol of internet culture. 

Pepe coin encapsulates the very essence of digital communities, harnessing the collective power of internet culture to offer users an immersive and enjoyable digital currency.

What Is Pepe Meme Coin Origins?

Boy’s Club is a comic series created by artist Matt Furie, featuring a group of anthropomorphic animal characters hanging out and engaging in everyday activities. Pepe the Frog originated from this series as a supporting character, first appearing in a 2005 strip. 

Over time, Pepe gained popularity on various internet platforms, eventually evolving into a widely-shared internet meme with numerous adaptations and variations, including “Sad Frog” and “Angry Pepe.”

Compared to other memes, Pepe is more popularly used in the crypto community and with more variety than other memes. For example, despite the history and popularity of Dogecoin, the meme isn’t used as much in internet culture today. 

pepe coin price prediction

Pepe Coin Tokenonomics: Supply, Utility, and More

Pepe coin has a total supply of 420,690,000,000,000 tokens. 93.1% of the supply was sent to the liquidity pools. The remaining 6.9% of the supply is being held in a multi-sig wallet only to be used as tokens for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. 

Eventually Pepe holders will gain access to crypto utilities like Pepe merch, Pepe Academy, and Pepe Tools, whatever those may be.

pepe price prediction

Pepe Success Stories: Feels Good Man

Social media, especially Twitter, is filled with Pepe success stories. Some of the largest examples include making more than $4 million with only a $27 purchase in Pepe. However, that story has a sad ending

Others turned $250 into more than a million. And the winnings keep piling up. On the day of Pepe’s Binance listing, it climbed more than 121% alone. The rising star of meme coins has become so huge that it made it over a $1B market cap momentarily. Holders of the token seek to flip Dogecoin, which would be another 20x from current levels.

Making Money With Meme Coin Mania

The emergence and explosion in Pepe crypto popularity has resulted in tons of knock offs and meme coins that are hoping to cash in on the trend. Many of these new coins have nowhere near the same level of meme clout as Pepe, but are still doing well in the current mania.

It is important to note that most of these meme coins have very little fundamental value, even Pepe, are rising because investors are hoping to buy the coin early and sell it later at a higher price. During the Dogecoin-led meme mania, most of the knockoffs created then are mostly worthless today.

Pepe Price Predictions

Few would have guessed that Pepe would rise like it has in ROI. But cryptocurrencies are known to climb by astronomical amounts during their early days and Pepe coin has been no different.

Dogecoin is up over 700,000% from its 2015 lows. Ethereum rose more than 370,000% ROI from the time it was released. Even Bitcoin did more than 50,000% during its first ever cycle. The average ROI of these three cryptocurrencies is an astounding 373,333%. 

This theoretically shows the remarkable potential for growth and profitability that Pepe might offer to investors who are willing to take on the risks associated with this emerging market.

Pepe price prediction

Pepe Price Prediction: Will Pepe Flip Dogecoin?

The Pepe community hopes to flip Dogecoin in market cap. Using the current Dogecoin market cap of roughly $10B, and the current Pepe market cap as of the time of this writing, which is $770M, this would represent a minimum of a 12x in price. 

If Dogecoin didn’t grow in value at the same time, Pepe would reach $0.000022116 per coin. However, if Dogecoin also climbed and Pepe still beat it by 12x, Pepe would reach a much higher price per token. 

If Dogecoin’s market cap was still valued at $88B at its all-time high in 2021, Pepe would be required to increase over 113 times to surpass Dogecoin in market cap. Considering Dogecoin reached this price in the past, Pepecoin could still have a 100x return in its future.

Pepe Price Prediction: Will Pepe Flip Ethereum?

No, this is highly unlikely. In fact, Ethereum gas fees are skyrocketing due to the meme coin craze that Pepe ignited. Most meme coins, aside from Dogecoin, are available only as ERC-20 tokens built on Ethereum. Due to this design, it costs ETH to trade, transfer, or interact with the tokens.

However, this comparison with Ethereum does show Pepe’s potential.

Pepe coin price prediction ethereum

Pepe Price Prediction: Will Pepe Flip Bitcoin?

No, this is also very unlikely. Not even Ethereum has been able to flip Bitcoin. Bitcoin has first mover advantage, global adoption, regulatory acceptance, and more. Pepe, like other meme coins, offers very little utility.

However, this comparison with Bitcoin further shows potential.

Pepe coin price prediction bitcoin

Pepe Price Prediction: Will Pepe Go to Zero?

This is unlikely, but not impossible. Pepe coin is based on the meme created by Matt Furie. In the past, Matt Furie has filed lawsuits against the unlawful use of his creation. 

There is no telling if somehow Furie is able to take action against the decentralized cryptocurrency.

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