Period Tracking and Contraception with Smartwatch? Here Are Tech and Apps that Support It

Wearable tech has many purposes in the present. These are not simple accessories that bring you updates and notifications from your favorite apps but also get many health features. One of its connected health features is period tracking and contraception. It is an excellent way to keep track of one’s cycle and help people know safe dates and when it is coming. 

However, it is not entirely accurate as it is only based on the data and calendar method these apps bring.

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Period Tracking and Contraception: Smartwatches and Apps to Help

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has many features on its list, and one of them is heartbeat detection, which brings an ECG (electrocardiogram) function to monitor the heart more accurately than its BPM (beats per minute). It also helps bring fall detection for accidents and alert authorities.

However, that is not all it can bring, as the wearable tech can connect to apps available in the market.

Apple has a built-in feature within the Health App called “Cycle Tracking,” It brings a period tracker and contraception function for its users.

The built-in feature will help determine one’s calendar and use the input to create a calendar that lets users know more about their body and give them updates about it. Data about sexual activity, period flow, and one’s regularity are available for its data to help users determine more about their monthly cycle.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch also offers a period tracker support for its wearable tech offers, and many users also utilize the South Korean smartwatch for all their period needs. 

Samsung’s Health App also brings a built-in feature for period tracking, and it is under the “Women’s Health” tab, which users may use for their needs, bringing a calendar and reminder function for all. Users can input daily logs to explain what they feel at the moment, and it would add to the data that Samsung will give them during each cycle. 

Users can also input symptoms of a period’s many implications to a person. 


It is widely known that Google’s Fitbit is already applying for an FDA approval regarding the AFib monitor for the heart. While that is on the way, wearable tech also focuses on what it offers now. 

Fitbit brings a built-in application called “Menstrual Health” for all that need it, and it also aims to extend its technology and features for a person’s preference. 

Data and information will come from its user, and their answers will help the smartwatch provide them with the necessary details they need regarding their menstrual cycle. Predicted period dates, ovulation, fertile windows, and cycle history are some of the available information for one’s needs. 

According to The Verge, these apps may help users, but it is not entirely helpful as it is a system that generalizes the body. It is important to note that each person’s menstrual cycle is unique to them, and it may have different implications or situations from others. 

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