To sand wooden furnishings, use a 120-grit pad to take away the graying layer, exposing the wooden’s unique shade beneath. Apply stain (or paint) utilizing an previous material and permit it to dry for one hour, repeating if obligatory. Once the stain is absolutely dry, which may take one to 2 hours, apply an outside sealant to guard in opposition to the parts.

Loose caning could be a persistent downside with wicker. “If a customer has invested in higher quality woven furniture from a specialty retailer, they can sometimes order additional material that can then be woven into their existing area and secured,” mentioned Brad Schweig, vice chairman for operations at Sunnyland Outdoor Living in Dallas. Mass-produced wicker and resin gadgets, although, he mentioned, don’t provide elements or supplies, so he steered gluing any such caning again in place if it comes unfastened.

In metallic furnishings, scout for rust. “If you spot any, rub it down to bare metal with steel wool and paint to match,” Mr. Bateman mentioned. But don’t overlook about swivels, wheels and hinges, Mr. Schweig mentioned. “From time to time, lubrication of all moving parts is recommended to extend the life and minimize squeaks or noises,” he mentioned. He recommends utilizing WD-40 or a “similarly lubricating process” to maintain these elements shifting easily.

Some out of doors cushions have zippered, detachable covers that may be laundered. Remove these protecting covers and vacuum, or most may be tossed in the washer with somewhat color-safe bleach after which air-dried. Foam inserts may also be vacuumed and cleaned with a hose earlier than being got down to air dry. For cushions with out detachable covers, or to wash cushions with out eradicating the foam insert, Ms. Shaughnessy suggests an answer of heat water, one to 2 tablespoons of liquid dish cleaning soap and 1 / 4 cup of Borax.

“Thoroughly soak the cushions with a garden hose,” she mentioned, earlier than utilizing a nylon-scrubbing brush to generously apply the answer over the cushions. Allow the answer to take a seat for 10 to 15 minutes, scrub to loosen stains and spray the cushions with a high-powered backyard hose spray nozzle till the water runs clear. Leave the cushions out to air dry, about 4 to 12 hours, relying on the climate. (Place them on their sides for sooner drying.) Fabrics, Ms. Hollier mentioned, profit from “an ounce of prevention,” too. “Brush off dust weekly to keep molds from developing and staining the fabric,” she mentioned.

For cleansing wooden, metallic and resin frames, Ms. Shaughnessy mentioned to fill a big bucket of heat water with 1 / 4 cup of dish cleaning soap. Using a material or soft-bristle brush, take away dust. In cussed spots the place the dust doesn’t raise simply, enable the soapy water to take a seat for a couple of minutes earlier than scrubbing. Rinse off any residual cleaning soap with clear water.

You may also make a extra aggressive cleansing answer, utilizing one cup of bleach, one cup of water and one cup of laundry detergent. (Don’t use this on metallic as a result of it may possibly trigger discoloration.) For wicker or resin, use a brush with lengthy, delicate bristles, in addition to an previous toothbrush, which can assist excavate something left behind.

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