Root Canal Forces Biden to Postpone Meeting With NATO Chief

A root canal forced President Biden to cancel his public events on Monday and postpone his meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, to discuss the war in Ukraine.

The White House said that Mr. Biden would not be put under general anesthesia and that the 25th Amendment, which would temporarily transfer power to Vice President Kamala Harris, would not be invoked.

Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, Mr. Biden’s physician, said in a memo that Mr. Biden had experienced dental pain on Sunday and underwent some initial procedures at the White House.

“The president tolerated the procedure well,” Dr. O’Connor said. “There were no complications.”

But Dr. O’Connor said the president felt “further discomfort” on Monday morning, “which was anticipated.”

He said the “endodontal specialty team” from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center would complete the root canal on Monday at the White House.

Mr. Biden canceled his public events, including a White House reception for diplomats, and Ms. Harris filled in for him at a Monday morning event celebrating college athletes.

He also delayed his meeting with Mr. Stoltenberg until Tuesday.

Mr. Stoltenberg is expected to step down from his position leading the Western alliance this fall. Various nations are jockeying for their own officials to succeed Mr. Stoltenberg, and Mr. Biden’s opinion brings considerable weight given the United States spends more than any other member of the alliance on defense.

And while Mr. Biden has prioritized keeping the Western allies united in combating President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, there is debate in the United States over American aid to Ukraine. Mr. Biden has said the United States will not halt its support for Ukraine, but a small Republican delegation has pledged to make it difficult to pass additional funding.

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