RUNE Rally Hits Barrier: THORChain Price Nears Resistance

THORChain’s price has been up by over 100% since the last week of October, hitting levels not seen since May 2022. This is an amazing increment in price. But caution is advised since RUNE, an altcoin, seems overbought, possibly signaling a 20% drop in the near future.

At the time of writing, RUNE was trading at $3.42, climbing over 15% in the last 24 hours, and registering an impressive 37% rally in the last seven days, figures by CoinMarketCap shows.

RUNE: Potential To Reverse Bearish Trajectory

If RUNE closes above the psychological $3.500 mark, it could negate the present downturn and cause the bearish attitude to change. The significance of RUNE closing above the critical $3.500 mark lies in its potential to reverse the prevailing bearish trend and trigger a shift in market sentiment.

Achieving this milestone could signify a break in the current downtrend, potentially instigating a more positive outlook among investors and traders.

Source: CoinMarketCap

THORChain underwent a notable phase of consolidation, a period marked by relatively stable prices and limited fluctuations. Following this consolidation, the market witnessed a substantial surge, propelling THORChain’s price upwards by over 40%.

However, in the aftermath of this surge, the price has demonstrated a consistent stability, remaining within a relatively similar range. This stability has coincided with a broader downturn in market dynamics, where fluctuations and overall activity have shown a decrease across the market.

Despite the prior surge, THORChain’s price has maintained a consistent level, reflecting a degree of resilience amid the current market trends.

RUNE market cap currently at $1.16 billion on the weekend chart:

The RUNE token holds a substantial long-term liquidation value surpassing $70 million, signifying a considerable reserve or potential value inherent in the token’s existence. However, a cautionary note emerges from the chart analysis, which reveals a prominent positive deviation highlighted in green.

This deviation might signify an impending decrease in price in the near future, suggesting a potential shift or correction in the market valuation of the token. This could prompt investors to stay vigilant and consider potential fluctuations in the token’s value in their future investment decisions.

The price of RUNE garnered significant attention subsequent to a substantial market surge, as the cryptocurrency experienced a portfolio increase of more than 40% inside that period.

Signs Of Market Correction For RUNE?

Analyzing the technical indicators, THORChain reveals an RSI figure of 72.24, typically signaling overbought conditions when surpassing 70. This situation hints at the possibility of profit-taking or a slight downturn in the coming days.

Despite indicating a robust bullish sentiment with an RSI above 50, THORChain might be treading into overextended territory, potentially requiring cautious observation for signs of a market correction or adjustment.

Source: Santiment

Meanwhile, according to Santiment’s research, there is a decline in the social dominance of the RUNE cryptocurrency, which means there is less of a presence and conversation on social media. When conversations do happen, they usually center on the altcoin’s remarkable rise, which may allude to investor anticipation of an upcoming fall.

In line with this reality is the rising open interest, which is the sum of all long and short positions in the market. After such a meteoric increase of 120%, short sellers should outnumber long sellers for RUNE among traders.

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