SkyBridge Capital’s Scaramucci Says Bitcoin Will Reach 0,000 Is This US Presidential Candidate Wins

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, has predicted that Bitcoin could reach new all-time highs (ATH) when his preferred presidential candidate wins. He also claimed that crypto “has already won” following recent developments in the industry. 

Bitcoin Could Rise To As High As $250,000 When Joe Biden Wins

Scaramucci mentioned during an interview on Unchained that he believes that the market will witness a new ATH for Bitcoin during a second Biden administration if the incumbent US President wins his reelection bid. As to how high Bitcoin can rise, Scaramucci predicts that the flagship crypto will rise to between $170,000 and $250,000.

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The SkyBridge Founder also revealed that he would be voting for Joe Biden and claimed that the good news for those who support Biden and crypto is that the “needle” has moved in a positive direction. Scaramucci tried to banish the belief that this current government is anti-crypto, noting that the Spot Ethereum ETFs have been approved, and there could be more layer-1 ETFs. 

Scaramucci further stated that although Biden vetoed the SAB 121 bill, he believes there will be a crypto bill in the ensuing congressional term that Biden will be willing to sign. Scaramucci is also bullish on Biden’s second term in relation to crypto because he believes that the “anti-crypto nonsense,” which he says is sponsored by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler, will be in the past by then. 

Interestingly, Scaramucci served as the White House Director of Communications under former US President Donald Trump, making his support for Biden surprising. Trump had also recently affirmed his support for cryptocurrencies, suggesting he was more open to Bitcoin and other crypto assets than Biden.

However, despite all these, Scaramucci explained he isn’t supporting Trump because the former US President is “very transactional.” He noted how Trump had an anti-crypto stance while he was still President and has now made a complete turnaround, suggesting that Trump might just be supporting crypto because he wants to get votes from the crypto community.  

Why Crypto Has “Already Won”

Scaramucci stated that the crypto industry has already won because it beat Warren and Gensler, who he claims are very Trump-like and “authoritarian and autocratic.” He also noted how the crypto industry has defeated the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in court on several occasions, with some of these cases causing the Commission to pay fines and be rebuked by Judges.  

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Scaramucci also claimed that the SEC has been pressured by Biden’s administration and his campaign team, who have realized that being anti-crypto is bad for Biden’s campaign. Based on those points he outlined, Scaramuci again reaffirmed that the crypto industry has won against those who are anti-crypto. 

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