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Dayzz Chief Science Officer Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion shared during the latest Tech Times Exclusives that this wellness app is not merely focused on tracking your sleeping habits but also seeks to help you have healthier well-being.

Zion, a clinical psychologist and sleep researcher, highlighted that this app’s main area of interest is the sleep issues and disorders that people suffer from. This app seeks to bring sleep science into the organization and the startup. 

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What is Dayzz?  

Dayzz is focused on sleep as it affects many parts of people’s lives, whether it be their emotional well-being or physical health. According to Zion, people’s way of thinking, such as how attentive their memories and all cognitive functions, their mood and how they feel during the day and so forth, might affect their sleep, or the sleep itself may be the reason for these day-to-day performances.

Zion further pinpointed that sleep is one of the core pillars of health that people often associate with exercise, nutrition, and stress management. Thus, certainty is a must when validating the app’s performance.

“I would say that the main philosophy that guides us all is to make sure that we provide very much evidence and science-based sleep screenings and solutions and interventions for people who need the support with their sleep,” Zion shared as she discussed on how they can offer science in a digital world, so that the populations at large can take advantage of the real clinical science.

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What Can It Do?

This app can perform depending on its users’ needs. The following are some of its most crucial functions:

1. Identify some of the sleep issues that the users may be dealing with and present some solutions for these.

  • Zion said that insomnia and sleep apnea are two of the most common sleep issues today. Where statistically, somewhere in the range of 10 percent of the population suffers from insomnia and 4 to 10 percent of the population has sleep apnea.   

2. Help in creating good healthy sleep practices.

3. Integrations with medical partners, which can support people in reaching out to sleep experts or online sleep clinics, all remotely.

  • This app provides human support through sleep coaches. Some part of the app is completely automated. But with human support, sleep coaches are within a chat feature, and users can communicate with them. This is to encourage and support the users in creating a more personalized sleep training program that is just for them, individually.

How does the Sleep Training Program Work? 

Based on Zion, when people download the app, they will first answer some questions, which is a sleep questionnaire. With this, the app or the people behind it can initially identify some of those first few issues. 

Next, Dayzz will have to collect some sleep data on the users’ night-to-night sleep ability or difficulties — some people have wearables and like to connect. However, the app does not have the hardware, so people bring their watches. Advantageously, users can connect Fitbit, Apple Watch, and almost all of the wearables to the app. 

For those people who do not like to sleep with wearables, the app has a contactless tracking feature that uses sonar technology. With this, users can just put it on their bedside tables, and it will track them without any physical touches throughout the night using silent sound waves.

Users can also manually enter their data in the morning. Zion admitted that they collect a lot of sleep data to be used with the provided manual data of users to assess sleep data and create a personalized sleeping program. 

These programs may depend on the issues concerned as well. It is inevitable that each user is either a morning owl or a night person or has problems with their sleeping time, so that the program will offer different recommendations to each of them. But if the user wants a little bit more personal touch, then the coaches are there to support and make that training plan even more individualized for them. 

How to Download Dayzz?

Anyone can download the app. Just go to one of the stores and download it. The free version of the app allows users to try the engine and the different treatment programs. However, some premium services are not available through the free version. 

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