The Making of a Goal Machine

As Bayern’s head of science and health, Broich is aware of Lewandowski higher than anybody. He is aware of that Lewandowski can tolerate a unprecedented quantity of stress and ache, as his nearly spotless harm document demonstrates. He is aware of that his metabolism permits him to develop, and regenerate, the kinds of muscle fiber a striker wants.

He is aware of that no less than half of that’s hard-wired into Lewandowski’s DNA. “Talent is a very broad term,” Broich mentioned. “It has to do with genetic prerequisites, too.”

But Broich additionally believes that every one of that accounts for under “40 to 60 percent” of athletes’ capability. The relaxation depends upon who they’re, what they do with it. And Klopp was not exaggerating when he mentioned that Lewandowski’s complete life, for greater than a decade, had been designed to assist him rating as many objectives as potential.

It began with cornflakes. “Every morning, I ate cornflakes with milk,” Lewandowski mentioned. “I thought it was fine. It was only breakfast, I was skinny, I had muscles. I thought sweet things were OK because I didn’t have a problem with my weight. But sometimes, by 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., I was tired, even before training, and I didn’t know why.”

So in his early 20s, he began to experiment. He lower out milk. He prevented refined sugar. “I saw a difference after a few weeks, a few months,” he mentioned.

But his focus was not on the speedy. “I thought that if I changed the things I did, it could help me play at a higher level for longer,” he mentioned. “I knew I could not expect immediate results. I did it because I had to try. I knew if I started at the top level a little later, I could be there for longer.”

Now — thanks partially to the experience of his spouse, Anna, a nutritionist — Lewandowski, semifamously, eats his meals in what is mostly accepted to be the incorrect order. “If I have time to have dessert, I prefer to eat it an hour or so before lunch,” he mentioned. “I don’t always eat it, but if I do, I try to have a distance between carbohydrates and protein.”

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