This is Exactly Why Negotiations Between Democrats And Republicans On Border Security Are ‘Fake’


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Popular podcaster Darryl Cooper, better known as Martyr Made, posted his thoughts on the $118 billion Senate immigration bill and suggested that border security negotiations between Republicans and Democrats are all for show because both parties have the same goals.

The bipartisan bill provides an overwhelming amount of money to foreign countries – $78+ billion – rather than the U.S. border – $20 billion.

Sean Davis, co-founder of the Federalist, described the bill as an “abomination” that “legalizes the invasion of 2 million illegals every year, pays for their lawyers, and gives Ukraine another $60 billion.”

“Your government hates you and wants to replace you, but until that happens, it’s going to steal every last dime from you it can,” Davis added.

Notice Davis didn’t say “Democrats hate you.”

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Border Security Negotiations A Farce?

Cooper piggybacked off Davis’ comments to say the quiet part out loud.

“There is no disagreement between Democrats and Republicans on either border security or unlimited aid to Ukraine [and] Israel,” he wrote.

“It’s a shell game, the ‘negotiations’ are fake, and they’re all on the same side,” the X post reads. “The game is to pretend they’re compromising so that the parts unpopular w/each side’s voters can be blamed on the other.”

Indeed. How many times have we heard Republicans in the Senate or House say that the time for blank checks to foreign wars is over only to see them negotiate a ‘bipartisan’ bill with Democrats and hand President Biden a talking point victory?

Ukraine and Israel are repeatedly handsomely rewarded while funding the border is like pulling teeth and just a fraction of what these other countries get. Those foreign countries, by the way, are being invaded far less than our own. America is at war, and both Democrats and Republicans are funding nations that do nothing to benefit the people of their own constituents.

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Trump Jr. Rips Mitch McConnell As A ‘Pro-Amnesty Turtle’

At the time of this writing, Martyr Made’s X post has been viewed over a quarter of a million times and shared by major social media personalities like cartoonist Scott Adams and MMA fighter Jake Shields.

The popularity of the messages on the border security negotiations seems to indicate a level of agreement by readers.

“The immigration reform bill is a misnomer. It is really the Proxy War funding bill with minor afterthoughts on immigration,” one user responded.

“The lion’s share of the funding is going to other countries. Don’t fall for it.”

Donald Trump Jr. recently blasted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his failed leadership on the matter of border security. And he burned Republicans that have gone along with this nonsense.

“Don’t fall for the latest border bait and switch from the swamp,” he said. “This so-called ‘border security’ bill is just another step towards amnesty and dishing out more endless dollars for Ukraine.”

Trump later added: “Why do Senate Republicans continue to allow themselves to be led by a mentally declining pro-amnesty turtle?”

Because, as Sean Davis and ‘Martyr Made’ stated above, they’re all part of one big Uniparty. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

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