Troy: A Couple Obsessed with the Sex Worker Next Door

[loud moaning]

[Client] Ah, fuck.

[moaning continues]

Cum for me, boy, cum for me, yeah.

[moaning continue]

[moaning continues]

[TV Narrator] The African leopard pulls the wild boar

up into the tree to keep his prey.

[moaning continues]

[loud grunting]

[bangs on wall]

Read me what you have so far.

The walls are very thin.

That’s it?

Well, I crossed out, And we can hear you

scream fucking day and night.

You should put we can hear his TV.


He’s gonna wear out his asshole.

[Thea] Charlie!

[moaning continues]

He’s gonna wear out his asshole.

[both laugh]

[moaning continues]


[knock on door]

[Thea] Hi.

I… [gulps]


Can I help you?

I don’t… uh…

Oh, I wanted 4B.

I mean, I’m in 4B.

Yeah, this is- I wanted-

Oh, are you…

Oh, that’s 4A. No, I didn’t want 4A.

I mean you can just knock.

People knock all the time. No, no I don’t need to.

I’m not- Oh, okay.

I didn’t want that.

[Thea] Okay, great.

[knocks on door]

[knocks loudly on door]

[Guest] Hi, is this-

[Troy] Oh, yes.

[moaning] Yeah, daddy, this ass.

Just, this cake, it’s just lovely.

[loud yelping]

So, how’s work, Charlie?



Shh, he’s almost done.

Charlie, get out here!


Baby, what?

He’s in the basement!

Come on, come on, come on!

Oh shit!

Um, so, uh…

[loud bang]

[Troy] You knew what I did

when you started dating me, I fucking told you

what my job was. But I didn’t like it!

I told you I didn’t like it!

[Troy] It’s just a fucking job.

It’s basically massage.

[Boyfriend] Well if it’s just a job,

then get another one!

[Troy] Baby!

You knew this before!

[Boyfriend] You said you were doing marketing!

[Troy] Well, I was, but this pays better.

If you moved in with me- Oh my god!

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!

[Troy] No, no, no, listen, I’m serious.

You could move in with me and I could-

[Boyfriend] You’d just quit?

[Troy] No, come back.

[Boyfriend] Oh my god!

Fucking other guys is not work.

[Troy] It’s erotic massage!

[Boyfriend] Oh fuck you! [door slams]

[Troy sobs]

Say gay massage, gay massage.

It should be there.

Holy fucking shit.


Oh my god, is that real?

It looks like anime.

Oh my yowza. Yowza!

That’s not just massage, right?


Techniques: Shiatsu. Deep tissue.




Oh, Troy, oh well that is a big dick name.

Ooh, substantiated.

Ooh! But doesn’t he look like

the guys who beat you up in high school?

Yes, that is the appeal.

Oh, for $200 an hour.

Oh, he’s definitely fucking them.

If it was like one 110, I’d say…

[Both] Blow jobs.

But $200 an hour is definitely a lucrative career.

Do the customers sound satisfied?

Yeah! Um, yeah.

Are you wondering why he’s asking that?

My birthday’s coming up.

It’s because his birthday’s coming up.

So that’s why he’s asking. He’s excited too.

♪ You don’t know me ♪

♪ And I don’t know you ♪

♪ Let’s not pretend that we do-o-o ♪

♪ We have no past ♪

[Troy sobs]

[In the Morning I’ll Be Better by Tennis]

♪ I’ll write your cares away ♪

♪ That I might spare you pain ♪

♪ Let everybody say that I’m gone for you ♪

♪ Say you’re my baby ♪

♪ We’re sublimating ♪

[Charlie] She pushed for 20 hours.

We can drive for two.

Troy’s still so depressed.

But the first one was like 36, so.

The breakup is really getting to him.

Thea, my sister just had a kid.

Can we- I’m sorry.

I’m sorry!

[Troy sings]

He’s definitely lost some weight.

[Thea] The baby?


[door slams]

[Troy sobs]

[Troy] Fuck!

[TV chatters]

[Troy] I just want to talk about it, please.

I fucking love you.

I love you, please call me back.

[Troy sobs]

I’m so sorry, dude.

His energy is just so dark.

It’s like that kind of energy just sticks to you.

And I am in a fragile place right now.

[Troy screams]

[toilet flushes]

[Troy sings]

Excuse me!

Did you drop this?

Hey look, she’s smiling in this one.

And, here she’s doing tummy time.

My sister thinks she looks like me kind of, in the chin.

What, no.



Please do not ask when we’re having one.

No, what happened to the guy next door?


Last time I was here he was banging the shit

outta somebody for 24 hours.

Yeah, he actually just went through a breakup

and he just hasn’t been feeling very sexual.

Yeah, we think he’s working through it, but with anger.

He’s lost a lot of weight.

And he’s smoking way more than he used to.

It always smells like smoke in front of foyer.

And when I saw him at the bodega the other day-

Wait, what?

You saw him at the bodega?

Yeah, I told you that.

No, you didn’t.

Yeah, I definitely did.

Guys, wow.

This is unhealthy.

[Friend] It’s gonna work.

It’s gonna work, trust me.

Where is he? Tilt it down.

Down? Down.

Like this way? No, no, no.

Raise it up and tilt it down.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Raise it up-

Raise it up and tilt it down.


[Thea] You got it, you got it.

[Charlie] I can’t see shit.

I see the head, I see the head.

The head? Is that his head?


Okay, follow him, follow him.

Follow him, track him. I’m trying, I’m trying!

Oh, fuck!

[Charlie] We’d pay for it, of course.

[Thea] And you wouldn’t have to do anything.

Yeah, yeah, you can just talk to him.

[Thea] Ask him how he’s doing.

You don’t even need to talk,

you can just-

[Thea] Listen.

Listen, yeah.

Let me just um…

Okay, so you want me to book a massage with your neighbor

but the massage is actually sex.

And you want me to ask him how he’s doing.

But you don’t need me to fuck him,

but you’ll pay for it if I do.

[Thea] No?

[Charlie] Babe, come out here.

I’m in the shower.

[Charlie] Hurry!

[loud moans]

Oh yeah!

[both laugh]

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Oh god.

He must have moved so fast, we were gone for like six hours.

[Charlie] Do you think he moved in with someone?

Oh God.

It costs a lot of money to move.

I just hope he didn’t move in

with some guy he barely knows, like a rebound.

He was still fragile.

He’s not thinking clearly.

And how you even gonna work from home

if he lives with someone.

[Porn Actor] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Fuck yeah!

[actors moan]

[moaning continues]

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