Trump proposes to start federal election case in 2026

  • Trump’s lawyers argued the volume of evidence, including 11.5 million pages of documents and hundreds of witness interviews, will take time to study.

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump’s lawyers on Thursday proposed a 2026 start to his federal trial on charges he tried to steal the last election, part of a strategy to combat a “blank check” of investigations spending and postpone his four pending criminal cases until after his presidential bid.

Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith proposed to start the trial Jan. 2, which his team said would allow five months for Trump to review the evidence and debate pretrial motions. The trial is projected to last four to six weeks, which would carry it through the early presidential caucuses and primaries.

But Trump’s lawyers argued the government has had years and tens of millions of dollars to build a case with 11.5 million pages of documents and interviews with hundreds of witnesses.

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