Trump Urges Republicans To Stop Warrantless Surveillance Reauthorization: ‘KILL FISA’

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On April 19, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is set to expire. The program ostensibly allows the government to spy on foreigners located overseas, but has been used against Americans.

Right now, Republicans in Congress and the Biden administration are trying to renew the program.

Some conservative Republicans want to get rid of the whole thing. They argue that the current system allows illegal spying on American citizens.

Donald Trump agrees with them.

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Trump and conservatives have to contend with the Republican establishment, which vigorously supports the bill. Axios reports that House Speaker Mike Johnson is desperately trying to save the bill.

Readers should note that the left has attempted to paint Johnson as “MAGA.” His position on FISA and nearly everything else represent the exact opposite of America First policies.

From The Hill: “But as House Republicans gathered Thursday to discuss FISA, Trump urged them to kill the bill over a different section of the statute that allows domestic surveillance only once law enforcement has secured a warrant.”

“KILL FISA, IT WAS ILLEGALLY USED AGAINST ME, AND MANY OTHERS. THEY SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN!!!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social social media platform.

The story continued:

While the FBI secured a warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, the application was later found to omit key information, excluding details that cut against the FBI’s premise for surveillance. 

House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner (R-Ohio) has noted abuses of the law, both in terms of foreign and domestic surveillance…

Still, the comment undercut Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), who during the meeting pitched colleagues on approving the bill without a warrant requirement.

“I look forward to talking with him about it,” Johnson said of Trump. “I mean, here’s the thing about FISA — he’s not wrong. Of course, they abused FISA. The whole Carter Page investigation — that whole fiasco was built on false premises, the fake Russian dossier and all the other things. But these reforms would actually kill the abuses that allow President Trump’s campaign to be spied on.”

Only in America can politicians openly admit that the program they support is rife with abuse and constitutional violations against the American people.

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Trump Campaign Was Spied On

Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was spied on using the loophole FISA provisions that are now before Congress.

Policies that both the Democratic and Republican establishments are looking to protect.

And policies hardcore civil liberties advocates, left and right, oppose.

Time reports, “For years, civil liberties advocates have pushed to block the FBI from searching that trove of data for the records for Americans without first securing a warrant. The FBI has acknowledged repeatedly breaking its own rules and conducting improper searches.”

“The current law under Section 702 is set to expire in April, after the House and Senate this week approved a short-term extension as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). That creates a window early next year for lawmakers to debate meaningful changes to the FISA law. This week, House Speaker Mike Johnson canceled votes on a pair of dueling FISA bills amid disagreements over the program’s future,” the report noted.

Americans who value privacy and their constitutional rights should hope Donald Trump gets his way. And they should hope the establishment loses this battle.

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